100s of logistics and manufacturing jobs available across Derby with ‘competitive’ salaries

Hundreds of jobs across logistics and manufacturing industries are available across Derbyshire, a local job centre has reported. Derbyshire Live has been told that these vacancies, across a wide range of companies, have competitive salaries and will be suitable for a range of people.

There are logistics jobs available at big companies such as DHL Aviation, Aldi and DHL Supply Chain, as well as numerous opportunities at Nestle Buxton Water, Sports Direct and Millitec.

Many vacancies that the job centre can supply are also immediately available, should any unemployed locals be looking to start work quickly, if they have all the correct documentation in place.

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The latest unemployment figures for the region have been released and show that those claiming unemployment benefits in the region have decreased in every Derbyshire district. 106,862 people were reported to be receiving unemployment benefits in February across the East Midlands, a decrease of more than 58,000 from the previous year.

Derby has also seen a decrease, with 8,379 people claiming these benefits, 4,250 less than the year before. Lisa Gill, Employer Adviser at Derby Jobcentre, believes that these figures are promising for the district.

She said: “It’s a reducing picture, it certainly links to the fact that our area in particular has a really buoyant labour market at the moment and we have got record levels of job vacancies, both locally and nationally. We are in a really fortunate position where Derby is, on the M1 corridor.

“Logistics is a particularly strong sector, as well as construction work going on around the city, which will bring in more construction and hospitality related jobs for the area. Health and social care also has a lot of opportunity, along with logistics, and in the airport area which is a gateway.

“We’re starting to see an increase in manufacturing and production type roles as well, the number of engineering companies that are being highlighted to us that have jobs is just increasing.”

Recently, Hello Fresh also announced it was looking to recruit more than 400 new employees for jobs at a new Spondon-based warehouse. Derbyshire Live has been told that salaries for these jobs will be competitive, with a twenty percent salary uplift for night shift workers.

Hello Fresh employees can also look forward to added company bonuses, including a 70 percent discount on Hello Fresh boxes and access to the employee assistance programme with a free breakfast every day. Benefits also increase after probation, with all their sites in the UK are wheelchair accessible.

Lisa added: “With record levels of vacancies across the country, it’s our top priority to work with employers and jobseekers to match the right job with the right person. We’re continuing to invite businesses, especially in the key industries into our jobcentres by organising regular jobs fairs both internally and externally.

“We have found these are successful events as it’s a great way to support jobseekers meet local employers and for employers to promote their job opportunities. More people are getting into work faster, with the latest payroll figures showing the number of people entering work increasing.

“Importantly our Way to Work campaign has given us all the impetus to support more people into the high level of vacancies across Derbyshire”.

Minister for Employment, Mims Davies MP said: “With the UK unemployment rate returning to the lowest we have seen in nearly 50 years, it is clear our Plan for Jobs has worked – protecting livelihoods and businesses throughout the pandemic.

“Behind these ONS figures we know this is a difficult time for many workers and families. We’re doing everything we can to help, with our Way to Work scheme which is supporting people coming through the doors of our Jobcentres to move into better paid, higher skilled work.

“As well as increasing the National Living and Minimum Wage all backed up by over £22 billions of targeted investment.”

The local job centres will also be hosting a number of job fairs in the coming months that helps to connect employers to potential employees.