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Third of young people get jobs through a contact survey shows

Just under a third of young employees in the UK got their jobs through a personal connection, according to a new poll released on Monday.

The research, which asked 4,000 16 to 25-year-olds about their experience, showed that 61% said that it is increasingly hard to get a job without knowing the right person or having another way in.

The research, conducted by Opinium on behalf of the charity UK Youth and KFC, also surveyed 500 businesses. Of them 95% said that their application process judges all applicants equally. But 32% said that it is difficult for candidates to get a job without a connection.

Fifty-five per cent of employers said they were more likely to hire someone who had been recommended by a colleague, friend or family member.

It also found that 24% would be more likely to hire a candidate who went to the same university as they had. Thirty-four per cent said the same if someone came from a “similar background.”

Ndidi Okezie, chief executive of UK Youth said: “In the UK, countless young people lack the opportunities, support and skills needed for secure stable employment, worsened by the pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“It is crucial for the Government to offer support and invest in initiatives that empower young people, but equally vital are collaborations between youth work organisations and businesses.”

KFC and UK Youth have launched a new programme to help 6,000 young people land their first jobs.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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