Call to support new barbers in Stapleford after empty shop is brought back to life

A new hairdressing shop called Luxury Barbers has opened in Stapleford on the High Street. Reaction to the new barbers has been mixed with some residents saying they would have preferred a new butcher’s shop or a bank. However, there was also a lot of support for new business from residents who want to see it succeed instead of having an empty shopfront on the street.

The new barber’s shop was once a sweet shop called Yum Yum that closed in August 2021. The new barbers is next door to Chrissy’s hair salon that opened last year and Bargain Buys. It has been given a smart new look with a black and gold sign over the door.

One wrote: “Lovely to see an empty shop filled. To those that will grumble… yes we have several barbers already, but when you are ploughing hard-earned savings into a new venture you usually do a lot of groundwork to see if it’s viable – I guess despite having several barbers, there is a need for another. It’s certainly one commodity that can’t be purchased online.”

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Luxury Barbers has just opened in Stapleford on the High Street
Luxury Barbers has just opened in Stapleford on the High Street

Another agreed that: “It’s better to have a shop occupied than an empty one looking unloved and bare. Good luck with the barbers.”

Independent Stapleford North Ward Councilor Richard MacRae urged local residents to get behind supporting local businesses to help improve the state of the high street in Stapleford. He was impressed by the design of the new business which opened last week saying it looked ‘smart’ and like a salon from the city centre.

He said: “Any business opening on the high street is better than an empty property. If people have taken the time or effort to invest in the high street then we need to support them and That’s the same with any business opening. People say there are too many hairdressers and charity shops but people use them. You can’t buy a haircut on the internet can you?”

“These new barbers will have looked into the needs of the area before deciding to open. People say we need a butcher or newsagents but we had one and it closed down. We’ve had all these shops and they closed down because people don’t support them when they open. People need to stop being so negative about the town.”

“You have to support your town – especially your local businesses and independent ones. If you can get your hair cut locally then do so. If people have put their time and money into investing and opening something then give them a bit of support. Share what they are doing and show them a bit of love.”