Calls to make The Big Power Switch Off a weekly blackout event in UK

With energy costs surging, thousands in the UK took part in the Big Power Switch Off on Sunday night (April 10). The move was in protest of rapidly increasing energy bills and now there are calls for it to become a weekly event.

Households across the UK decided to turn off all electrical items in their homes at 10pm on Sunday night with some even disabling their whole fuse box. This was done as an attempt to send a message to the government and energy suppliers after the energy price cap rose by 54% at the start of the month.

It was hoped by people taking part that the drop in demand would cost energy companies money, while the surge might cause problems for the National Grid in managing demand after. And now those who went dark in the protest have shared their experiences and are calling to make the event a weekly Sunday night ritual, just like the Clap for the NHS used to take place once a week in the middle of the pandemic, Yorkshire Live reports.

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Mark Brunette said: “We took part in the #BigPowerSwitchOff I’d happily do this for 10 minutes every night if it meant bringing the soaring costs of energy down but it needs everyone to do it!!” Hossylass said: “Seeing it dropped fossil fuel supply by 1%. That may not seem a lot – but it’s actually a significant indicator of support. Lets see if this grows…”

@Malhalar said: “Just took part in the #BigPowerOff. For those who didn’t, I want you to know that keeping my electricity off for 10 mins just cost EDF 20p in lost revenue. If all of EDF’s customers done the same tonight, they’d have lost over £1m in the space of 10 mins. Can we make this daily?”

Lanzabear27 said: “Same time next week you lovely people #BigPowerOff let’s show this corrupt cheating tory gov” @Nuttybyname said: “Candles on but then again, I always light candles. Laptop off etc. Let’s hope they listen to us”

Adrian Clarke said: “made the effort and went outside to the garage to turn of the fuse box. Not many in the street bothered but perhaps next time as this is just the start.”

@Bzp said: “One negative – haven’t used the house alarm in 5 years. Forgot the password. Now going off. Neighbours unimpressed. Might move out tonight. Whooopsie!”

It seems that many across the country want to make it a regular thing every Sunday night. Iain Hodgetts said: “Remember when we used to clap for the health services? Well why not make this a weekly thing at a time when it is light outside? Then we can slow clap.”

IsaMcc concurred, adding: “What about doing the #BigPowerOff same time every week? Grow the movement; make a bigger impact!”

@Mormied said: “Yet to see the “surge” – UK Demand has dropped overall and we’re yet to see the difference other than a initial drop of UK GW. For reference the UK Electricity demand was at 28.66GW at 21:55 GMT. #BigPowerOff”

The Big Power Off has been described by organisers as a ‘non partisan’ protest and ultimately, the protesters hope to force the government to take notice of their anger and do more to tackle rising energy costs.

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