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Campaign to make ‘death trap’ Nottinghamshire road safer for cyclists

A road in Hucknall has been described as a “death trap” as councillors campaign to make it safer for cyclists.

Hucknall Councillor John Wilmott, for the Ashfield Independents, and Independent Brinsley, Greasley and Watnall Councillor Elizabeth Williamson are working to implement a cycle lane in Long Lane.

The road connects Hucknall to Watnall.

The County Councillors have said that cyclists face “extreme dangers” on the road as it is, and claim that an extra lane could save lives.

Cyclist Glynn Lowth, a resident of Watnall, said: “It is actually a dangerous road.

“It’s a 60 mile-per-hour speed limit and the road is only standard width and if you’re cycling on the road you are really taking your life into your hands.

“There is a pavement at the side of the road which would be wide enough to build a cycle lane on and which would provide a safe environment for cyclists to use.

“I have cycled on it and it is dangerous so I no longer cycle on the road there.

“If I need to go from Watnall to Hucknall I will go along the country lanes – a considerable diversion really.

“And of course the development of the 1,000 new houses on the Rolls Royce site has increased the traffic now, so it is therefore much more difficult for cyclists.

“If you get a bus going one way and a lorry going another way then there is no space for cyclists – it is dangerous.”

Councillor Elizabeth Williamson in Long Lane, Watnall
Councillor Elizabeth Williamson in Long Lane, Watnall

The county council is currently consulting on a number of ‘Active Travel Schemes’ to encourage residents to leave their cars at home and walk and cycle.

This includes installing a number of cycle lanes across the county.

Mr Wilmott raised the issue in a meeting of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Transport and Environment Committee on Wednesday.

This came just weeks after Councillor Williamson brought up the problem in a speech during a meeting at County Hall.

Councillor Wilmott told the Transport and Environment Committee: “I support anything to encourage residents to leave their cars at home and walk and cycle.

“Councillor Elizabeth Williamson, who represents Brinsley and Greasley brought this topic up in her constituency speech at full council on September 23.

“She raised the urgent need for a cycle lane between the mini-roundabout in Hucknall – down Long Lane to Watnall and the extreme dangers faced by cyclists.

“She has asked me to seek an assurance that a cycle lane will be considered here as she called for in full council if there is to be a third tranche of the active travel fund as using this road into Hucknall for cyclists is untenable and they put their lives into their own hands?”

Councillor Williamson added: “I’d like to thank John for bringing this up on behalf of all local cyclists.

“The journey along Long Lane from Main Road in Watnall, close to the mini-roundabout to Hucknall is a death trap for cyclists with no cycle lane.

“Residents from Watnall, Greasley and places like Beauvale and Moor Green tell me that the route into Ashfield and beyond is a nightmare – with no cycle lane until you get into Hucknall.

“They quite rightly ask why a racetrack like Long Lane has no provision for a cycle lane.

“I raised this at full council and will be working with John to make this happen. If the council are serious about encouraging residents out of their cars and onto their bikes – they should prioritise the scheme that we are working on.”

The county council said it is considering the request.

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