Cheapest area to live in Nottingham is still expensive, residents say

People in Bulwell are surprised that it was named as the cheapest area to live in Nottingham in government data. Many have disagreed saying that it is expensive.

In Bulwell North, houses on average cost around £115,000. Hyson Green is the second cheapest house with houses averaging around £118,000. People living in Bulwell have praised the area however many said that the cost of living and rising house prices will mean that it might not stay the cheapest for longer.

Taxi driver Carl Andrews, 59, is from Bulwell and was shocked to hear it is one the cheapest areas to buy a house. He said: “I got my house years ago but my son is currently looking to move and buy somewhere and to be close to us, he looked at Bulwell and couldn’t afford it.

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“With the cost of living rising, Bulwell might be one of the cheapest areas to buy a house but everything else will just mean that you’re struggling whether you have a job or not.”

Carl who has lived in Bulwell for most of his life went on to say why he likes the area. He said: “It’s a nice area, everyone’s friendly, we have a few good jobs and there’s good transport into town, I could see why someone would want to live here.”

Denise Alfred, 77, is retired and lives in Bulwell. She said that although she is surprised Bulwell is the cheapest area, she understands why. She said: “I would have thought Radford or Sneinton were areas that are the cheapest because they’re similar to Bulwell.

“Bulwell has always been deprived which is sad because I love the area and hopefully more people choose to buy in Bulwell. If it’s the cheapest it might push for more shops and restaurants springing up.”

Karen Moorley, 44, unemployed and from Bulwell was also surprised Bulwell was the cheapest area. She thought it would be a different area. She said: “I thought it would have been St Ann’s, I’ve heard houses go for really cheap there.

“I’ve never bought a house, I’ve always rented. I would have thought that Bulwell was one of the cheapest areas but I didn’t think that it was the cheapest area.”

St Ann’s West is the third cheapest area with houses averaging around £122,000 to buy. 71-year-old Ken Hibbert who lives on Nuthall Road and is retired. He said he isn’t surprised that Bulwell is the cheapest area to buy a house.

He said: “I’m not really surprised, Bulwell is not a well developed area but there are some nice houses in the area. I think that the area could have better market facilities. I came here to do the shopping and there’s a good selection of shops in the area.”

Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s chief economist, said: “March saw a further acceleration in annual house price growth to 14.3 per cent, the strongest pace of increase since November 2004.

Prices rose by 1.1 per cent month on month, after taking account of seasonal effects, the eighth consecutive monthly increase.

“The price of a typical UK home climbed to a new record high of £265,312, with prices increasing by over £33,000 in the past year. Prices are now 21 percent higher than before the pandemic struck in early 2020.”