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Council forced to make £450,000 insurance claim to cover repairs to vandalised sixth form site

£450,000 was needed to repair a temporary sixth form site after it was broken into and vandalised.

Castle College building on Maid Marian Way was attacked while it was undergoing refurbishment so that sixth form students from Bluecoat, part of Archway Learning Trust, would study there from the start of the 2021/22 academic year.

Nottingham College students had switched to the newly built City Hub campus.

The vandalism also caused serious issues with other education settings, who were set to move around.

£450,000 of repairs spent by Nottingham City Council had to reimbursed into the Castle College capital programme following an insurance claim to pay for the damage.

Explaining the decision, a council document states: “The lease to Archway Trust would not have been viable for the intended use, without the works to make good the damage caused by the acts of vandalism.

“The Castle College site on Maid Marian Way is being refurbished to be used a temporary base for the Archway Learning Trust sixth form.

“During these works, a break in on site lead to significant damage being done particularly on the second and third floors resulting in an insurance claim.

“The contractual arrangement means that Nottingham City Council insure the building and the contractor insures the works.

“The area that was damaged was not intended to have any works undertaken and so comes under the Nottingham City Council insurance.

“Therefore, the funding will need to be brought into the capital programme.

“The approval of this decision will amend the current Castle College project and increase the Capital Programme by £0.450m, with this expenditure being funded by insurance resources.

“The works within this decision have been endorsed by the Capital Board and because the funding is ringfenced for these works this is exempt from the delegated authority.”

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