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Derbyshire housing estate gets go-ahead despite flooding and wildlife concerns

Plans for 38 homes to be built in Bolsover have been given the green light despite concerns over flooding and the impact the development would have on local wildlife.

Stancliffe Homes had asked permission for the new estate to be built on farmland next to Bolsover Cemetery and, despite objections from organisations and members of the public, planners in the former mining town agreed.

However, the developers haven’t been granted unconditional planning permission, with a number of issues, mainly around the potential for the land to flood, needing to be addressed before and during the construction phase.

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According to the decision letter: “No development shall take place until a detailed design and associated management and maintenance plan of the surface water drainage for the site have been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the local planning authority”.

The developers must also demonstrate how the “surface water run-off from the site will be avoided during the construction phase”.

A number of other factors must also be addressed prior to the first person being able to move into their new home.

The development, which would consist of five two-bedroom properties, 20 three-bedroom homes and 13 houses with four or more bedrooms, must begin taking shape within the next three years, with four of the houses proposed for the estate being classed as “affordable”.

In addition to the flooding risk, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust also raised concerns about the net loss of habitat for local wildlife, adding that approving the plans could “set a precedent” and “may make it harder to challenge other schemes”.

The site, just off Oxcroft Lane, would also house around 75 car parking spaces, which would amount to nearly two per property.

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