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Derbyshire woman’s desperate bid to save tragic dad-of-four’s life

A Derbyshire woman made a desperate bid to save the life of her partner after finding him collapsed on the stairs.

Kelly Grainger said she had received a worrying early hours phone call from partner Saville Davies, a father-of-four.

She went round to his house in Langley Mill and found him lying on the stairs unresponsive.

Miss Grainger performed mouth-to-mouth, did chest compressions and used a defibrillator until paramedics arrived at the house, and took him to Nottingham City Hospital.

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Mr Davies, 37, remained on life support for more than two weeks before passing away on August 29, 2021, his inquest heard.

Mr Davies, of Dean Street, had a history of mental health problems and dependence on drink and drugs, especially following the death of his father earlier in 2021.

Miss Grainger said, in a statement read out by the coroner: “On Tuesday, August 17, I’d spent the day with him and we’d been arguing, he was unhappy that I’d been to a festival the weekend before and he’d been acting a bit off with me since I got back.

“He’d been drinking alcohol in the day, as it went into the evening he began drinking spirits which was unlike him.

“I left at approximately 7pm or 8pm. As I was leaving the house I heard something smash but thought it was best to leave him to calm down for a while.”

Miss Grainger’s statement continued that Mr Davies started sending her text messages suggesting that he wanted to end his life and that he was fed up, although the inquest heard that this wasn’t unusual for Mr Davies, especially after he’d been drinking.

The text messages continued until around 1am and Miss Grainger said she spoke to Mr Davies a few times during that night but he “just didn’t seem right, although he had said things like this before”.

Her statement continued: “The last text message I received from him was ‘Just going to say bye, I love you’ this was at 1.47am, we then spoke on the phone and he was crying and I said to him that I’d come up to his in 10 minutes, we’d have a cuddle and sort it out.”

When Miss Grainger arrived at Mr Davies’ house she walked in the front door and found him.

Mr Davies had been under the care of Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust for treatment for substance misuse.

A report by Doctor Nina Lewis said that in November 2018 he completed a home detox but he told the service he had “several suicidal thoughts and made a number of attempts”.

In June 2021, he returned to the service with the report stating that Mr Davies described his mental health as “up and down” but didn’t mention any suicidal thoughts.

Mr Davies’ half-sister, Maxine Davies also issued a statement to the inquest. She said her half brother had always been a happy boy but his upbringing wasn’t the best and he went into care following the break-up of his mother and father’s relationship.

When he was 15 he started a relationship with Charlotte Keeley which lasted 20 years and they had four children before the relationship broke down in 2019.

Ms Davies added that he was an alcoholic and had turned to drugs and drink to try and cope following the death of his father earlier in 2021.

The medical cause of death was a hypoxic-ischemic brain injury (a lack of oxygen to the brain).

Addressing the inquest, at Chesterfield Coroner’s Court, assistant coroner Susan Evans, stated that she did think Mr Davies’ attempt to take his own life was a “deliberate act” but she wasn’t satisfied that he actually meant to take his own life.

As a result, Ms Evans recorded a conclusion of misadventure.

Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123.

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