Details on when Nottinghamshire £150 tax rebate will be paid – and why some will receive £173

Councils across Nottinghamshire have revealed when the £150 tax rebate is due to be paid. While some councils are experiencing delays, some tax payers are set to receive £173 as an added bonus.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who has now been fined along side Boris Johnson for parties in Downing Street, announced a £9 billion package in February to help struggling families tackle the cost of living crisis as fuel and energy prices continue to impact homes. It includes a rebate of £150 in April for English households in bands A to D which will not have to be paid back.

The chancellor also unveiled a £200 discount to tackle the £700-a-year rise in average household’s energy bills this month. Properties that are a homeowner’s main home and banded A to D, or Band E with disabled relief, are eligible for the rebate.

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Second homes and unoccupied properties are however excluded. Nottingham City Council says a fund has also been provided to councils to help lower income households who may not qualify for the energy bill rebate. This will include households on lower incomes or in receipt of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) and who reside in properties in bands higher than band D.

If eligible for the rebate, people do not have to apply to receive it. If you already pay your council tax bill through direct debit, the one-off payment will automatically be credited to your account.

However, getting the money to eligible households without direct debit arrangements will take longer. This is because councils will need to contact them about the scheme and undertake pre-payment checks.

Most local authorities in Nottinghamshire say the rebate will be paid into accounts towards the end of April, but some may be delayed until May. This is due to some councils testing new software systems and, in some cases, the Government had not provided the software to some local authorities.

And one council will be paying eligible people £173 instead of £150. Here is what each one says:


It has been widely reported those who do not pay by direct debit could miss out. Therefore Nottingham City Council says it will be writing to all such households to explain the process.

It has however warned people not to call the council. It says payments will be made from April.

A city council spokeswoman said: “This is a Government scheme being administered by councils that allows eligible households to receive a one-off payment of £150 this spring to ease the financial strain caused by factors such as the energy price cap rise which comes into effect in April.

“Households that currently pay their council tax by direct debit will see the rebate from April onwards. Households that don’t pay by direct debit are encouraged to sign up to pay their council tax this way, which they can do online here:

“We will be writing to those households that don’t pay by direct debit to explain what to do to get their payment. We would urge people not to call the council to chase their payment, as it will be made as soon as possible.”


In Rushcliffe payments are not expected to be made until after April 30. A Rushcliffe Borough Council spokesman said: “It is anticipated payments to Rushcliffe residents will be made after April 30 in line with system and direct debit processes for this council tax year. The council cannot make any such payments until at least the first direct debits of this new financial year are made.”


Bassetlaw District Council has warned of delays. Reports suggest the “software for the rebates” hasn’t been provided by the Government to some councils, including Bassetlaw.

This means that they are currently testing a software upgrade and it is hoped most people who have direct debits would be paid this month, but others would get a rebate in May. This comes after added government pressure following claims that it is not doing enough to help struggling people.


Gedling Borough Council will be doing things slightly differently. It will be using its discretionary funding to pay and additional £23 to households in bands A-D which are receiving council tax support.

This will bring the total paid into bank accounts to £173 in Gedling, for those who are eligible. It may however be delayed because Gedling is experiencing similar issues to Bassetlaw with the payment software.

Deputy leader councillor Michael Payne said: “I am pleased to announce that as well as the £150 payment for all residents in bands A-D, we have also made the decision to use our discretionary funding to pay an extra £23 to those households in bands A-D who are receiving council tax support as well as paying £173 to all those households receiving council tax support in properties with a band higher than band D.

“This means Gedling Borough Council is offering a £173 payment to all households in receipt of council tax support, regardless of their council tax band, showing our commitment to helping those in our community who are the most in need.

“We are currently testing the software needed to implement the rebate scheme. As soon as the system is ready, we will begin making payments. We are working as quickly as possible to get payments into bank accounts and we are advising residents to sign up to pay their council tax by direct debit to help them receive their payment promptly. “

Some borough and districts are yet to respond and this story will be updated accordingly.