Drug and alcohol intruders ‘tailgate’ residents in Derby apartment block

A second apartment block on Gower Street in Derby city centre has become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, say residents and police. Intruders are reportedly “tailgating” residents of Babington Court and proceeding to take drugs, drink, smoke and urinate in the complex’s corridors.

Babington Court is located next to the Prosperity House which Derbyshire Live reported on earlier this month. Prosperity House residents also reported similar behaviour in their corridors, with one resident saying that living at the apartment block gave them nightmares.

A resident from Babington Court told Derbyshire Live that they felt very little has been done by the property managers, Leaders Romans Group to resolve the situation.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said: “Our main front door was replaced months ago but nobody ever hooked up the electronics to make the door lock.

“The same with the back door which was fitted with a press padlock but doesn’t lock automatically.

“For more than a year now, we have had homeless people sleeping in our building, doing drugs and leaving behind human waste.

“You can imagine the smell and risk which this brings to the residents. On top of that, they also smoke in the corridors which are fitted with carpet. It’s a matter of time before they start a fire.”

They said: “The main problem is that the homeless have been kicked out because of their behaviour from the shelters that are in the area.

“So they are taking that anti-social behaviour and bringing it into the buildings.

“I think it is worse at Prosperity House because they are finding ways in but nowadays in Babington Court, because the doors don’t lock, it has become their new hangout.

“It is easy access, you know? If one gets in they just put out the word and everyone else gathers.

“They know they will get caught so they do whatever they do and then they just move to the next building or to the next floor.”

Residents say they regularly come out of their apartments to find rubbish and used syringes

They said: “They were put into hotel rooms I think during the first lockdown and once that period ended, things really got bad here in Gower Street.”

The resident said that they have stopped using the elevator in the building because of the number of times they have found human waste there.

They said: “I just don’t want to wake up to a fire alarm someday or to a dead body in front of my apartment door because that is probably what is going to happen at some point.”

Derbyshire Live forwarded images sent by the resident to Derbyshire Police. Derby Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant, Jamie Millard said: “We are aware that Babington Court has been experiencing similar anti-social behaviour to Prosperity House and we are working with partners to solve the problem.

“We meet regularly with the council, Business Improvement District, and homelessness outreach workers to discuss issues in the area but the problem here is that one of the doors allowing access to the building is damaged.

“Work is ongoing to repair the door and improve security at the site.”

Cllr Fareed Hussain, who represents the area, told Derbyshire Live: “There was some mention of anti-social behaviour but it was generalised in a sense. It would be helpful if the residents contacted their local councillors.

“It is a cause for worry because people are concerned and the problem appears to be going unaddressed.

“My first reaction would be, if people are having difficulties and they want to contact their local councillors and have a meeting with us to see what needs to be done.”

Derby City Council said it is working with the management company for Prosperity House and police on resolving the issues on Gower Street.

A spokesperson from Derby City Council said: “There has been ongoing work around antisocial behaviour at and on Gower Street, and we have been working with the Police and Premier Properties to take action where possible.

“We know that Premier Properties have taken steps to tackle issues in the residential buildings. This includes introducing a new fob entry system, employing security between the hours of 11pm and 6am, installing CCTV and they are now in the process of having all fire escapes made inaccessible from the outside.

“We will continue to stay in contact with Premier Properties to identify further issues and work together to find solutions.”

Derbyshire Live reached out to Leaders Roman Group for comment. Michael Cook, Group Managing Director at LRG said: “Some of our tenants have reported persistent anti-social behaviour within their communal spaces due to an entrance door being repeatedly damaged in a building where we manage the apartments.

“We are taking their concerns very seriously and are working closely with the building management team to install new safety measures including a new door, magnetic locks, and an intercom, and to instate ongoing security to limit further such behaviour.

“We understand the impact that this intrusion can have on tenants and neighbouring properties, and we take all reports of anti-social behaviour seriously. We encourage any resident who has been affected to immediately report it to Derbyshire Police via 101 or 999.”

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