Drug deal gone wrong in Hyson Green ended with man stabbed over £90 of cannabis

Two defendants have been locked up after a man was stabbed twice with a large combat knife over a £90 deal of cannabis. Friras Al Jalam, 19, of Byfield Close, Radford, and Adrian Polok, 20, of Alfreton Road, Radford, visited Marciej Rewers before the stabbing.

Jalam pleaded guilty to robbery on June 10 of Mr Rewers of cash, cannabis and a bank card, and possessing the knife in Belper Road. He was locked up for four years and one month. Polok pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and possessing the knife, and was sentenced to three years and seven months in custody.

The pair had been looking for cannabis when they met the victim who said he had some to sell at home. This led them going to his shared house. The transaction was downstairs in a property in Belper Road, off Radford Road in the Hyson Green area, at around 3.10pm on June 10, 2021.

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Mr Rewers was robbed of his cannabis and threatened in a room by Al Jalam holding the combat knife, which had a serrated edge.

Mr Rewers then jumped on Al Jalam, who did not have the knife on him at the stage. Mr Rewers wanted the £90 bag of cannabis back. It was Polok who now had the knife and stabbed him, but Mr Rewers managed to push both men outside the door. He was stabbed again in the gut, staggering back to his house clutching the bag of cannabis he retrieved. Both offenders escaped.

Adrian Polok

The court previously heard it was Al Jalam who started the robbery and Polok who “is the stabber”. Mr Rewers made a full recovery but had to be taken to hospital for an operation after blood pooled in his abdomen. Neither defendant has previous convictions.

Detective Constable Louise Fowkes, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was an offence of extreme violence in a private dwelling and public place where a large combat-style knife was used to repeatedly stab the victim causing serious injuries that required emergency surgery.

“The victim invited Pollack and Al Jalam into his room without ever suspecting he was ever going to be brutally attacked. Without warning they turned violently on the victim who was threatened and had a knife put to his face before being robbed of items. The violence continued in the hallway and outside where the victim sustained multiple stab wounds.

“Given the severity of the violence and injuries inflicted I am pleased that these dangerous offenders have been removed from the streets and handed lengthy prison sentences for their crimes.

“Nottinghamshire Police treats all reports of knife crime and violence extremely seriously and the force continues its efforts to target those carrying knives as well as working with partners to educate people about the risks and harm caused by carrying knives to prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

“We remain committed to driving down knife crime even further in our communities and we will continue to work tirelessly to remove dangerous weapons off our streets and take robust action against anyone believed to be involved in violent crime.”

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