Dubrek Studios in Derby celebrates reopening night after swerving demolition

A city recording studio is feeling bright about the future after a successful opening night at its new university-owned premises. Crowds of punters arrived on Friday, April 8, to check out the new creative arts space, café and bar while enjoying music from artists including Marvin’s Revenge, Emzae, Marty and Nick Jonah Davis.

Twenty-year-old business Dubrek Studios was forced to vacate its Becket Street premises when plans were announced to demolish it along with the Padley homelessness centre. Ultimately the University of Derby offered the studio a three-year lease at its 67 Bridge Street building.

Dubrek owner Jay Dean said: “All of the studios I have had over the years have been cool for their own reasons, and generally because of the people who use it. If it wasn’t for them this wouldn’t be possible.”

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The Music Venue Trust charity, which helps to protect and support grassroots music spaces, has used Dubrek as a case study to show how rare venues can survive plans of demolition and come out stronger.

Jay hopes that the studio will “ultimately help highlight the creative arts and music scene” within Derby and contribute towards the next City of Culture bid in 2029. He added that he had “fantastic bands” playing gigs at his old studio in “packed-out live rooms playing in a small venue” and that having a partnership with the university allows more bands to get recognised.

“I’ve been keen to develop a broader and stronger connection with the university because it is the next generation of creatives,” he added.

He believes that working with students from the university’s music production course and providing work experience should be a “positive move” and should “help students get a taste of what it is like in the real world”.

“I’ve felt that there has been a lack of student engagement with anything to do with the city in general and that there is a whole world of stuff out there that they’re not experiencing. I’d like to see more students and people within the community more engaged with some of the gigs and arts, events stuff we put on here, we did do it before at the old studio but only a small number of people came.”

Dubrek plans to hold events every Friday and Saturday with a host of different music genres, alongside its café and bar being open throughout the week.