Foreign landlords from 27 different nations own properties in Derbyshire

Data has revealed that nearly 1,000 properties in four Derbyshire local authorities are owned by individuals living abroad.

Land Registry data obtained by the Centre for Public Data shows that people with an overseas address own 908 properties across the county.

These include commercial and residential holdings as well as plots of land.

Owners of 535 titles in the City of Derby are living in other countries, with 141, 119, and 113 in North East Derbyshire, the Derbyshire Dales and South Derbyshire.

The total number of holdings owned by foreign buyers in Derbyshire has more than doubled during this period from 342 in January 2010.

Derby has property owned by individuals living in a variety of far flung locations, including 42 from Hong Kong, 38 from America, 36 from Japan, 33 from Malaysia, 27 from the United Arab Emirates, and 21 from Australia.

Titles have also been purchased by individuals living more closely, including 64 from Jersey, 36 from Ireland, 21 from the Isle of Man, 19 from Guernsey 17 from France 12 from Malta and Spain, and eight from Switzerland.

Investors based in all corners of the globe also have portfolios in North East Derbyshire, including 34 titles owned by people in Saudi Arabia, 15 from America, 10 from Australia and New Zealand, nine from the United Arab Emirates.

People living in Ireland, Jersey, India, Chile, and Barbados are also among those with investments in the area.

Addresses in Australia, America, Bahrain, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, and Singapore are including in those connected with plots in the Derbyshire Dales.

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Some South Derbyshire properties are owned by people in the Seychelles, Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and Luxembourg.

UK property prices have soared during recent years and foreign investors have sought to acquire safe investments.

Data from the Office for National Statistics states that the average price for a house in Derby has risen from £136,000 in 2015 to £180,000 in 2021.

Prices have increased the most in High Peak from £158,000 to £217,000 and remain the highest in the Derbyshire Dales at £283,000.

A report by the Centre of Public Data concludes that altogether 247,016 titles in England and Wales are registered to individuals with an overseas correspondence address.

This represents nearly 1% of all registered properties.

It adds: “The growth in properties registered to individuals in the Middle East and South-East Asia have been particularly fast in recent years, which may reflect second home or investment purchases by owners in these countries.”

Other common places in which owners of U.K. property live are British Overseas Territories such as Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man, and English speaking ex-colonies such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.