Gogglebox to pay Ellie Warner full show fee despite absence

Gogglebox bosses will pay Ellie Warner her full show fee despite her missing filming after her boyfriend Nat’s hit and run accident. The Sun reported that the bosses did not want the 31-year-old or her sister Izzi worrying about money.

It emerged that Ellie would be missing for the entire rest of the series as she cares for her partner. Producers have told the star to take as much time as she needs to help Nat recover and that she can keep the £1,500 per household payment.

Nat was rushed to intensive care in March after he was hit by a car in Halton, Leeds while walking home in the early hours. The TV star was left fighting for his life after the collision. Family members confirmed that he had suffered a broken neck, back and two collapsed lungs.

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Ellie from Gogglebox is currently caring for her partner Nat after a horrific accident
Ellie from Gogglebox is currently caring for her partner Nat after a horrific accident

The Channel 4 source said: “Of course, they’ve honoured the payments – they take duty of care very seriously on the show. Ellie’s focus, 100 percent, is on Nat and supporting him in his recovery,” They said. “She’s been told to take as much time off as she needs and it is very unlikely she will be returning during the current series.”

They added: “Producers have told her to take as long as she needs She’s been keeping vigil at the hospital. Nat is Ellie’s world and everyone is willing him to pull through and come out the other side.”

The Channel 4 insider also revealed that Ellie has been showered with messages of support from other Gogglebox stars.

“Ellie has been bombarded with messages of goodwill from other Gogglebox stars. They are a really close-knit group, like a family. Ellie has been overwhelmed with the support. It means a lot to her.”

The show continues on Channel 4.