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Health bosses ‘reviewing’ whether to keep vaccination centres open in Nottinghamshire

Public health bosses say they will be “reviewing” whether to close more vaccination and testing sites across Nottinghamshire.

In a public health briefing on Friday, February 4, bosses set out how people’s lives may be affected by Covid in the long term for the remainder of 2022.

It comes after three vaccination centres – at Victoria Health Centre in Glasshouse Street in Nottingham, Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton and Newark Showground – all closed their doors just one month after opening.

Amanda Sullivan, the accountable officer for the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG, told Nottinghamshire Live that potential closures and openings will reflect the vaccination requirements at the time.

She added there is a possibility that things returns to pre-Covid levels – as restrictions continue to be eased by the government.

She said: “We’re working through the next stages of the vaccine and we will make sure that we’ve got the right level of provision for the vaccines that are needed.

“We do think we will need to be flexible as we go forwards, depending on the requirements of the vaccination programme and what might be ahead for the vaccination programme.

“As yet that’s very much forming. We will be reviewing, where sites do become less busy, or we think there’s a different way of doing things or as things return more back to pre-Covid uses, then we will be reviewing that.

“So this is something that is under review at the current time and this is likely to adapt in the coming weeks or months. But it will depend, to some extent, on the requirements of us nationally for the programme going forward.”

Meanwhile, a health boss in the city stressed that – while there may be some changes in the future – the emphasis is still on the public to do their part in fighting against the virus.

Lucy Hubber, Public Health Director for Nottingham City Council, said: “From a testing and isolation side, we’re waiting for the national plans to give us some guidance.

“As we move towards the end of the legislation towards March we can expect to see some changes, but we don’t know the nature of those as we are very much led by national plans that will be coming out.

“For us, the message at the moment remains that we are in Plan A. We have high case rates, we would ask people to continue right now to do everything that we’ve been asking them to do all along – which is of course get vaccinated, wear face coverings in indoor and crowded settings, get tested regularly – particularly if you’ve got symptoms – and isolating until you get results through.

“Those measures are going to be with us certainly for the next two months. It’s really important that, while we’re up in the 800s per 100,000s [in infection rates] that the population realise the importance of continuing with that.”

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