Here’s what people in Nottingham think about the new way of travelling around the city

Many people have welcomed the new travelling system to be used across Nottingham, and think it could help get drivers out of their cars too. People in Nottingham have shared their thoughts on a new tap and go system for travelling around the city.

The system, Nottingham Contactless, means that there will now be a capped payment option when travelling on any form of public transport over the city. People believe that this option will be much cheaper.

When using more than one operator on Nottingham buses and the tram for the day, travel will be capped at £5.60. A day cap on NCT buses alone will be £4.40, NET trams will be £.470, Linkbus network day caps will be £4.20.

You will be able to pay with contactless bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and on Smartwatches.

Jeff Cooper, retired, is 68 from Bakersfield. He believes that this new system will get people travelling more on public transport and said: “I’m a pensioner so I travel for free but it [the new system] is good.

“This is what you need to get people out of their cars. I think now we’re out of the pandemic and fuel prices are going up, people will think more about how they’re going to travel.”

West Bridgford teacher Charlie Hart, 26, added: “I think that this is a cheaper way of travelling. It will save you the hassle of sorting out change for a day ticket or buying one on the bus, all you have to do is pay and sit down.

“I know how much it is to travel on the NCT buses but I’m not really sure on the trams but if I’m travelling on both all day, I know that I’ve paid £5.60. People won’t have to stress about how much they’re spending because I can imagine it all adds up.”

Passengers will be charged the standard fare for a single journey when riding on each network individually. NCT, NET and the Linkbuses are all operated by CT4N.

Self-employed Kathleen Jones, 45, lives in Wollaton. She said that this is a very London style of travelling. “In London, you use your Oyster card and rarely people pay for a single or day ticket which I’ve always thought is just a quicker way of doing things,” she said.

“Most people have contactless methods of payment now so for many people, this will be really convenient.”

John Shaw, Operations Manager at CT4N commented: “We are delighted to be part of this initiative that will enable us to offer our customers the option of using contactless payment to cover the cost of their trip. It makes accessing our services even easier.

“Over the last couple of years contactless has become the most convenient way to pay in many different environments, and the introduction of this innovative new Tap and Go system will help to future proof our bus services.”