HSBC branch in Derbyshire town to shut

A Derbyshire HSBC branch will close later this year as part of a shutdown of more than 60 outlets across the UK in 2022. The HSBC branch in Bath Street, Ilkeston, will close its doors for the final time on Thursday, September 22; one of 69 branches earmarked for closure this year.

The international banking chain, based in Hong Kong, said that the decision follows a change in how people manage their money, with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating a shift towards mobile and online banking. The decision means that there will now be just three HSBC branches left in Derbyshire; in Market Place in Chesterfield, St Peter’s Street in Derby and Church Street in Ripley.

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In a statement, HSBC said: “HSBC UK’s new branch approach includes a broader range of local support, beyond the traditional bank branch. It includes community pop-ups, new integrated self-service machines, colleague-assisted digital support for customers, as well as continued use of the Post Office network.

“It will allow HSBC UK to continue to invest in its digital and mobile servicing and reinvest in its branch network in key locations. The decision to re-shape the network and invest in a wider package of support and different formats follows an increasing preference for mobile and online banking, which has accelerated since the start of the pandemic.

“Less than 50% of the bank’s customers now actively use its branch network, with the average footfall declining over 50% since 2017, faster than any point in the last decade.”

The firm has reassured its 14.75 million customers across the UK that the 69 branches, which are all scheduled to close between July and October 2022, have at least five cash machines within a mile and a Post Office within a mile and a half.

There are branches of NatWest and Nationwide in Bath Street, with HSBC stressing that no town will be left without a bank branch of any kind following the planned closures.

The move will leave HSBC with 441 branches across the UK.

Other branches closing in the East Midlands include those in West Bridgford, in Nottingham, and Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire.

Officials from the bank said that the approach aimed to transform the company’s network so it is better-suited to serve the individual needs of different communities.

Jackie Uhi, head of HSBC UK’s Branch Network, said: “The way people bank is changing – something the pandemic has accelerated. Our branches continue to support people with their more complex banking needs, but the way we can do this has also evolved, with the addition of banking hubs, community pop ups and continued use of the Post Office network.

“Rather than a one-size fits all branch approach, it’s an approach built around the way different customers are choosing to bank in different areas.

“We know that the majority of our customers have a preference to do much of their day-to-day banking online or via mobile, so we’re removing locations where we have another branch nearby, and where there is a significant reduction in customers using face-to-face branch servicing.

“This will enable us to invest in locations where our customers are continuing to utilise the branch network, including updating technology and refurbishing branches.”

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