I went to Wetherspoons in Nottingham city centre at 8am and it was like an old museum

Going to Wetherspoons at 8am in the morning might not be everyone’s immediate first choice for a breakfast out but with affordable options and a varied menu it ticks a number of boxes. We went to one Nottingham city centre Wetherspoons bright and early to see what it’s like in the much loved pub. Community reporter Keimae Blake reports….

Let’s face it, there’s a Wetherspoons most places you go – especially in Nottingham; there’s four alone in our city centre. Known for its cheap and cheerful prices, venues are often extremely crowded but on this particular Wednesday morning, it wasn’t.

I went to the Joseph Else in the city centre to see what it’s like so early in the morning. With the morning sun shining brightly outside, as soon as I stepped into the Joseph Else pub in the city centre, it got dimmer.

Greeted by a lovely member of staff, I noticed how few people there were there at that time. A gentleman sat in the corner reading a newspaper and a family sat there amongst many mugs of tea or coffee, it was strange not see anyone bashing the buttons on the fruit machine in the hopes to win a few coins.

Joseph Else Wetherspoons in Nottingham City Centre
Joseph Else Wetherspoons in Nottingham City Centre

I thought I’d treat myself to an English breakfast which came quickly as I would expect, the pub was pretty much empty. With Good Morning Britain playing on the TV without the sound, I tucked into into my breakfast and watched carefully my surroundings.

The atmosphere was a bit impacted by the dark and gloomy lighting. The old fashioned pattern on the carpet made my eyes and the face of random people in history framed on the walls like royalty stared at me.

I must say though, my breakfast was absolutely amazing and it seemed that other people were enjoying theirs with no complaints whatsoever. Most Wetherspoons chains start to sell alcohol at 9 so before it got a bit more rowdy, that was my cue to leave.

I ordered the large breakfast, which consisted of two sausages, two fried eggs, mushrooms, hash browns and toast. I’m not a fan of beans so I left them. I accompanied that with a cup of tea. My bill came to £7 in total. I would rate it nine out of 10.