Ideas for £4m Arnold Market Place include greasy spoon, designer outlet and children’s area

Shoppers in Arnold have said the redeveloped market place should have a ‘greasy spoon’, ‘designer outlet’ or ‘children’s play area’ among the options. It comes after the development for the area took a huge step forward, with potential tenants urged to enquire about renting spaces.

The marketplace will have a new building called AMP and a public space, and the development in the middle of the town centre is due to open later this Spring. Gedling Borough Council’s website says ‘it has been specially tailored for enterprising local start-ups looking to make their first move on the high street’.

Following the council urging new tenants to get in touch, shoppers in Arnold have shared what they want to see there as part of the redevelopment. And a number of different ideas were thought of.

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Chris Lyons, 65, who is the president of Mapperley & Arnold Rotary Club, said: “Arnold has been taken over by bars and cafes, but it would be great to see individual businesses in the space. I hope the business rates don’t detract from new, local shops being in there.

“We’re in the process of liaising with the council to find out if we can sponsor a garden and green space, but that’s in the pipeline, and we want to support local businesses with that.”

Chris Pregon, 36, who lives in Arnold, said: “There are already a lot of cafes around, it would be nice to have a food place, something like a greasy spoon as there are already other types around here. The market should stay for sure.”

Construction work continues at Arnold Market
Construction work continues at Arnold Market

Jim Nardone, 65, of Grantham, said: “Something like a designer outlet would be good. It would help to make the town centre a little bit more upmarket.”

Wife Jo Nardone, 62, agreed, adding: “I don’t want to see any more coffee shops or charity shops. There are already enough of those around.”

Speaking on her birthday, Jo Lee, 38, who lives in Arnold, said: “A children’s play centre would be nice or something like that. There are lots of shops already in the town centre, but there isn’t too much for children to do.”

The project is costing £4m, and is the biggest investment Arnold has received. It has created around 40 new jobs through business employment and through the construction of the new buildings.