ITV Coronation Street extra ‘fired for taking selfie’ with Good Morning Britain presenter

A Coronation Street extra was reportedly fired for taking a selfie on set with a Good Morning Britain presenter. Matthew Davidge says he has starred on the soap for 36 years but was fired after taking a picture with presenter Andi Peters, the Mirror reports.

Mr Davidge, 54, told the Sun he had spotted Andi after he “nipped to the loo” during filming last Friday. He says he asked him to pose for a socially distanced picture, which he did, with a GMB crew member taking the photo. Andi was filming a GMB competition on the set at the time.

But he says he was then dropped from his acting agency who said he had “breached the terms of his contract” which bans them from using their mobile phones on set. The Bolton-born star said he has taken “dozens” of selfies with stars, but has never been reprimanded, until now. A Coronation Street spokesperson said: “During filming of a GMB competition segment on the set last week a walk-on artist was seen breaching filming protocols and his agent was notified, they decided on a course of action.”

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“Andi Peters was not aware of this complaint,” they added. “I’m speechless. I’ve worked on the set of Corrie on and off since 1986. I’ve never had a complaint and I’ve loved every minute of it. Now, it’s all over,” Mr Davidge told The Sun.

“You’re not supposed to have your phone out on set but everyone does. It’s a rule that’s never really been enforced,” Matthew explained, as he said it was a “bit of a laugh” asking Andi for a snap. “The whole interaction took less than a minute. Now I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills,” he added.

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