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ITV Kate Garraway’s on first marriage, famous ex and caring for husband Derek

Presenter Kate Garraway has presented her first episode of ITV Life Stories.

The 54-year-old broadcaster interviewed footballing legend John Barnes on Thursday’s edition of the ITV chat show.

Kate has taken over the show from Piers Morgan and was the former Good Morning Britain anchor’s final guest.

And she admitted before the interview was broadcast that she got defensive during the discussion with her former colleague, Liverpool Echo reports.

She said: “He delved into my past, exes, career stuff. There are some images of me that I can’t even remember looking at.

“You can see from my face that every question he asks I’m thinking ‘what are you going to ask me now’. There’s a defensive pose.”

Kate opened up on various aspects of her life during the discussion, but refused to delve into further details when Piers Morgan tried to get her talk about a relationship with a famous performer.

She said: “I’m not talking about it.”

However, the mother-of-two did share her famous partner was the one to end the relationship.

Kate was mortified during the interview when Piers Morgan recalled a story about her former boss being so concerned about the state of her car that he thought it had been broken into and was going to call the police.

He said: “He was very concerned by the state of your car, he thought that somebody had broken into it and was living in it. And it turned out that’s just the normal state of your car.”

Kate assured her old GMTV boss the problem was fine before she told another story involving her husband, Derek, that disgusted the interviewer.

She explained: “I remember very early on Derek got into the car and he put his hand on a piece of brie cheese. It’s because the day before I’d had a cranberry and brie sandwich.”

Piers Morgan shot back: “Oh no, that’s awful!”

Good Morning Britain aired a clip of the discussion when Kate was presenting – and co-host Ben Shephard was left in hysterics when they returned to the studio and branded her “filthy”.

Kate defended her habits and said her brain is organised in a different way.

She added: “I’m not filthy! Just sort of. Agatha Christie and Einstein both believed in general mess. It’s a different way the brain is organised.”

Kate was emotional during the interview as she discussed caring for her husband Derek Draper, who fell into a coma after contracting coronavirus in March 2020.

Derek fought off the virus, but is still badly affected by the illness – and Kate charted his road to recovery in the award-winning documentary, Finding Derek.

Kate has been by her husband’s side throughout his battle with Covid-19 – and she opened up about the trauma of the past year in an episode of BBC’s Walking With.

The documentary, which followed Kate through a peaceful walk in the Cotswolds, was the first time she had been away from her family since the diagnosis – and she admitted feeling “very guilty” for being apart from husband Derek and their children.

She said: “I started off feeling very guilty at the indulgence of having the space, bathed in nature, to just ‘be’.

“And then as time went on as I walked & walked on my own gradually found a wonderful sense of perspective & energy renewal.”

Derek is Kate’s second husband – and they have been happily married since 2005.

Tonight’s interview will also explore her life before Derek which included a turbulent first marriage to ITN news director, Ian Rumsey.

Kate and Ian met while working at Meridian TV before they tied the knot in 1998.

According to Mirror Online, the two separated just four years later when Kate reportedly kicked him out amid claims he’d had an affair with another TV presenter.

One of Kate’s close friend told the Mirror: “She says he was cheating on her for some time and that’s why she threw him out

“She had her suspicions because he was going out and staying away a lot. He always denied anything was going on but Kate still had nagging doubts – call it women’s intuition – that something was not right.”

“Ian kept saying everything was fine, but she says the affair became common knowledge and eventually she got to hear the TV gossip.

“When she confronted him with it she says he eventually came clean.”

Ian always denied the claims and blamed the split on Kate’s long hours and 2am starts as she had just started to host GMTV as cover for Fiona Phillips, who had departed on maternity leave.

Kate drew a line under the matter when she released a brief statement to address the rumours.

She said: “It’s always terribly sad when a marriage comes to an end. I’m disappointed that what’s a very private matter has been brought into the public domain.

“I was dismayed by reports in the papers because they are substantially inaccurate.”

The two were eventually reunited in a professional capacity when Ian was brought in as the boss of GMTV in 2010 – and Kate spoke about how the two had maintained a positive relationship after the split.

She said: “We’ve seen each other since, so it wasn’t a case of, ‘Weren’t you wearing white when I last saw you?

“But before he started, I did think, ‘What is this going to be like? This could be weird or really awkward.’ You would, wouldn’t you?”

“Seeing as we’re both working together at the moment, we obviously get on and have a lot in common. I think it’s good we’ve managed to keep a friendly relationship afterwards.”

Kate Garraway’s Life Stories is available to watch on ITVHub

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