ITV Saturday Night Takeaway halted as Ant and Dec’s show suffers ‘huge amount’ of issues

ITV’s popular Saturday Night Takeaway had to be halted during a major game blunder. Numerous viewers took to social media to slam Ant and Dec’s show as it suffered a ‘huge amount’ of technical issues.

The programme aired on ITV on Saturday, March 26, after being pulled from the schedule last week amid coverage of the Six Nations rugby. But it returned with a spate of issues, much to viewers’ disappointment.

Ant and Dec were playing a game of Read My Lips alongside guest Anna Maxwell Martin when viewers spotted the first error. The game was supposed to feature members of the public reading out different TV shows via video link to the Line of Duty star in the studio as she wore headphones to block any noise, Birmingham Live reports.

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The first two contestants were naming shows like Anna’s own Motherland as well as Line of Duty. But when the third player came on she began to read out foods, including Biriyani. Ant could be heard saying “What?” The two hosts then stepped in and called for her to stop as her 30 seconds on the clock continued ticking down.

They then restarted the round with the correct topic. It wasn’t the only blunder of the night as moments later, during the Happiest Minute of the Week, the camera cut to the wrong household.

The mix-up saw a family from Walsall left on screen not reacting before crews cut to another living room where the family were celebrating. The show then returned to the Walsall family as they told mum Melissa Grant she was a “super mom” for saving her children when their car suddenly caught on fire with them all inside. Viewers were quick to pick up on the technical faults and told ITV to “sort it out”.

People took to Twitter to express their frustration.

@StephenJLee1987 said: “Technical faults on #ITV while watching #AntandDec #SaturdayNightTakeaway…sort it out ITV.” @KyleSew2112 wrote: “Oh my god the amount of technical difficulties tonight #saturdaynighttakeaway.” @miss_traceydav commented: “#SaturdayNightTakeaway technical issues all over the place tonight.”

@MattHaze asked: “So many technical screw ups tonight, which (amazingly!) rarely happens. Did someone spill some coffee on the board or something? #SaturdayNightTakeaway.”

@tynenick echoed: “What’s going on tonight? Seems like a lot of technical issues #SaturdayNightTakeaway.” And @StephenJLee1987 asked: “Are people getting some Technical faults now & again while watching #AntandDec #SaturdayNightTakeaway?”