Loving tributes to Carlton man who died after friends cancelled ambulance

The family of a Carlton man who died from a combination of illicit drugs after his ambulance was cancelled have paid tribute to a ‘loving man’. Anthony Duke, who was 28, from Carlton, died on July 11 2021 on Rock Street in Nottingham.

During an inquest into his death on Wednesday (March 23) at Nottingham Council House, Assistant Coroner Gordon Clow said the cause of Anthony’s death was a combination of cocaine, heroin, synthetic cannabinoid and cannabis. On July 10 2021, Anthony had consumed a number of illicit drugs, returning to his mother’s property and then to a flat when he discovered he needed medical assistance.

He called emergency services while in the flat with two other men and a woman present at 1.18am on July 11 2021, and while Anthony was on the phone, one of the men said they did not want an ambulance to come to the property and was disruptive, refusing to allow access. Anthony then left the house to try to get medical attention, and was followed by the two men.

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Anthony then ran away after further brief arguments with them both. Ambulance crews tried to call the flat repeatedly to see if Anthony needed help, but the woman answered saying there was nothing wrong with Anthony and that she did not want the ambulance to attend.

Anthony later collapsed and fell unconscious between two cars on Rock Street at some time between 1.30am and 7.28am, when his body was found. Mr Clow ruled Anthony was seeking urgent life-saving medical assistance, and if his ambulance was not cancelled, would likely have survived. Mr Clow said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

A number of family members attended the inquest and paid tribute to him.

Anthony Duke working as a steward at Nottingham Forest
Anthony Duke working as a steward at Nottingham Forest

Mary Nugent, 51, who was Anthony’s auntie, said: “He was such a loving lad, If something was wrong, he’d be the first to get up and help out. He would do anything to help anyone. He’d make people cringe with his laugh.

“He was a massive Nottingham Forest fan, and Joao Carvalho was his favourite player. All he thrived for was his mother’s love, and he just wanted to do special things. An ambulance was called yet it was cancelled, it is illegal in other countries to do this and those people would be held accountable.”

Peter Duke, 72, who was Anthony’s grandad, said: “Our loving grandson will be sadly missed. We hope he rests in peace, and he will never be forgotten, with love from his grandma and grandad.”

Anthony’s younger sister Jennifer said: “I love him so much, from Jennifer and Joanna.”

Anthony had felt unwell in the two weeks before his death, suffering from chest pain and pains consistent with having a stroke, but there was no evidence of this, said Mr Clow. Anthony used a crutch to help get around.

Mr Clow thanked the family for their help during proceedings, saying: “I wish things would have gone differently that night and Anthony got the help he needed. He was so very young and was clearly loved, shown by the number of people that are here today.”