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Man knocked out ex-girlfriend’s new partner on night in Nottinghamshire

A man spotted his ex-girlfriend with a new partner on a night out, knocked him out and then bragged about it on social media.

In the early hours of September 1 2019 in a bar in Retford town centre, Jack Kovacs, 21, of Selwyn Street, Eastwood, Rotherham, spotted his former girlfriend with a new partner and a friend.

Kovacs kept staring at him and when they left the bar, trouble broke out, according to the new partner.

Regan Ashton, 21, of Fenwick Road, Broxtowe Estate, Nottingham, a friend of Kovacs, approached the new partner and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Ashton then apologised and the two groups went their separate ways.

But a short time later, Kovacs ran up behind his ex’s new partner along Bridgegate and knocked him unconscious with a single punch.

The victim, from Retford, woke up in the back of an ambulance while on the way to hospital, where medics had to stitch up a large laceration in his cheek.

His right eye was also badly swollen.

Meanwhile, an image of a blood-soaked hand was posted on Snapchat with a caption saying, ‘the guy needs CPR’.

Ashton attended a voluntary police interview that led to him being arrested and charged.

But Kovacs went on the run to South Yorkshire, but was later found three months later and arrested.

Both admitted being responsible for the attacks when appearing at Nottingham Crown Court, where they were sentenced on Monday (February 7).

Kovacs pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and was handed a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and must also pay the victim £1,000 compensation.

Ashton pleaded guilty to assault and was conditionally discharged.

This means no further action will be taken unless he commits a further offence within the next two years.

Following the sentencings, investigating officer PC Joshua Ashton, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The victim in this case was simply trying to enjoy a night out and did not deserve what happened to him.

“He sustained nasty injuries and was left scared as a result of the number of stitches he needed.

“Kovacs thought he could evade justice by going on the run and I would like to thank our colleagues at South Yorkshire Police for their assistance in ensuring he was caught.

“Ashton was more willing to face the consequences of his actions but it was right he appeared alongside Kovacs in the dock, as even just one punch can cause such devastation.

“Indeed, it was pure luck that the victim in this case was not more seriously injured having been attacked not once, but twice.

“I hope this case gives the public confidence that Nottinghamshire Police takes violent crime extremely seriously and will do everything possible to put suspects before the courts.”

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