‘Mindless drivers’ letting down others in Nottingam area with highest number of points

Residents in a Nottingham suburb were surprised after a study revealed it was the area in which Nottinghamshire’s worst drivers lived. The data, titled ‘Where are Britain’s worst drivers’, focuses on what percentage of drivers have penalty points and how many the worst drivers have.

The study has revealed people living under the postcode NG6, which covers Bulwell, Bestwood Village and Old Basford, are statistically the worst drivers. In this area there are 1,861 drivers with at least one penalty point on their licence.

This accounts for 9.9% of the 18,789 registered licence holders in the area – the highest proportion in Nottinghamshire. NottinghamshireLive spoke to residents in Old Basford, with one resident, Lewis Michael Cruickshank, blaming “reckless drivers” for the suburb’s poor ranking.

Mr Crucikshank, 67, who lives in Old Basford, said: “It’s a damning stat. I’m happy to say I’ve been driving my whole life and never get a point on my license so I’m one of the good ones obviously.

“It’s hard to give an opinion on it but you do see the odd reckless driver on the road, especially on Basford Road, where it can get a bit busy. But I guess if it’s busier then more people are likely to get points on their license.

“Most of the time though I see more bad drivers elsewhere – it’s just a handful of mindless drivers letting themselves down.”

Ray Driver, 75, said: “Well that does surprise me. The NG6 postcode covers other places like Bulwell as well, and I’d say there are more dangerous drivers there.

“I don’t think there have been many incidents I can think of on the roads in Basford to be honest – people drive within the speed limit. Obviously, you do get roads that are busier than others, like everywhere, but I’d never call it a dangerous place for driving.”

In contrast to the NG6 postcode, only 5.8% of drivers in the LE12 area have points on their licenses. LE12 covers East Leake, West Leake, and Sutton Bonington and this is the lowest percentage of people with a point or more on their driver’s licence across the county.

The data also revealed as many as one in 10 drivers have penalty points on their licence in parts of Nottinghamshire, with one motorist in the area racking up an astonishing total of 42. This driver is said to live in NG17 area, which covers Sutton-in-Ashfield, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Stanton Hill and Skegby.

Another resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “It’s news to me! I don’t feel unsafe here really.

“I mean I don’t drive at night and I try to avoid going on the roads when they’re too busy but I’ve lived here all my life and there hasn’t been an issues. Maybe it’s some of the other areas because my experiences on the roads have been okay.

“Basford Road is definitely one of the busier roads around and you do get roads where roadworks are being done or they’ve been closed off but I don’t think they’re because of accidents or anything like that. Obviously, we have some reckless drivers in Old Basford but you can get points on your license for all sorts, this doesn’t make much of difference to me.”