‘No complaints’ in Stapleford over plan to knock down nursery and build houses

People in Stapleford have ‘no complaints’ over a plan to knock down an nursery for houses. But people in town said the site needed to be ‘well looked after’.

Plans have been tabled to flatten the former Sparkle Daycare building in Church Street. A notice sent to Broxtowe Borough Council for the demolition states the future intention is to redevelop the site for residential use.

People in the town said they had “no complaints” over redevelopment. But local resident Roy Wilson also said that the site needed to be “well looked after and maintained”.

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Wilson, a 73-year-old semi-retired painter and decorator, said: “As long as it’s well looked after and maintained then I don’t mind. It will be interesting to see what they do with the main road but that’s my only concern. I have no complaints.”

The former Sparkle Daycare building in Church Street, Stapleford.
The former Sparkle Daycare building in Church Street, Stapleford.

The former day centre closed after officials from the education watchdog Ofsted carried out an inspection in May last year and found the provider was not meeting some of its requirements. “The overall effectiveness of the provision was judged to be inadequate,” and Ofsted report said.

Inspectors did return a few weeks later to check if the providers had met safeguarding and welfare actions raised following the previous inspection. “The provider responded to the actions set. We found that the provider had improved staff knowledge and understanding of child protection procedures and now fully understands their responsibilities to keep children safe from harm,” Ofsted said.

Stapleford resident Ian Duckworth.
Stapleford resident Ian Duckworth.

Meanwhile, Stapleford has been “turned upside down”, parents desperately seeking childcare, following the announcement two other nurseries were to close. People in the town spoke of the three closures.

Resident Ian Duckworth, 56, said. “I feel sorry for the kids – where are they going to go?” While nursing student Fenton Edmonds, 19, said he wasn’t bothered about the possible residential use of the Sparkle site.

He said: “I’m not bothered if people have houses. As long as it’s private. I’m not bothered about it as long as it’s treated right.” The notice for the demolition was made on behalf of applicant Trevor Rawson.

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