No pubs and no chippy, St Ann’s community says it is crying out for some basics

People in St Ann’s have spoken out about not having a pub in the area and have reflected on what previous pubs in the area were like. Many people have said that a pub in the area would mean that they don’t have to go into the city centre or Sneinton. The Sycamore, Pint and Pot and Westminster were all popular pubs in St Ann’s along with others that have closed in recent years.

St Ann’s dinner lady Charlene Gardener, 49, said she would welcome a pub in the area. “I’d love to see a pub, it’s just not the same in your back garden,” she said. “The atmosphere of pubs are great especially as it’s warmer and the days are getting brighter but even just for a sit-down meal. Bring the kids, sit in the beer-garden and have a good time. Other areas have pubs so I don’t see the problem and I think that it would do well round here in St Ann’s, a nice local for everyone to go to.”

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Paul Furr, 68-years-old and from St Ann’s, also agrees that the area could do with a pub. He said: “I think the area needs one, I use to go to the pub on the Chase and there was the Westminster. In the old St Ann’s, there used to be a pub on every corner.”

Mr Furr said that was not the only thing missing. “We only need one pub. We don’t have a chippy either, that was on the Chase and that’s gone too. I’ve got good neighbours don’t get me wrong but a pub is also nice for others to go to talk to people. When you go into town, it’s all students and you can feel a bit out of place.”

Lee VanHalen a 59-year-old artist from St Ann’s is sceptical about there being a pub in the area. He said he lived near a pub before and didn’t like it.

“People can buy alcohol,” he said. “I wouldn’t like to see a pub simply because you’d have a problem with people getting drunk, some people don’t have a switch off button.”

Lee VanHalen, 59 of St Ann's pictured with his dog, Teddy, would rather not see a pub in the area
Lee VanHalen, 59 of St Ann’s pictured with his dog, Teddy, would rather not see a pub in the area

Mr VanHalen did however admit that now, not all people go to pubs to drink a lot and get drunk. He said: “Having a non-alcoholic drink and a meal is growing in popularity. A lot of people are brainwashed into the idea that you have to be off your head to have a drink.”

He said he would consider moving if a pub was to be built near his house. “I would consider moving,” he said. “I’ve lived next to a pub and I didn’t like it.”

Tracey Martin, 67-years-old is now retired and lives in St Ann’s. She said that a pub would bring a bit more life to St Ann’s and said: “The people here are great, they’re lively and friendly – and that’s what I think of when I think of the people in pubs.

“So long as everyone doesn’t get rowdy and there’s police about breaking up this and that then yeah, I’d like to see a pub. I get on the number 40 [bus] and go to The Sherwood Manor once in a while if I want a drink.

“Not everyone drinks to get drunk and if you do like a drink once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’ll save people the travel.”