Nottingham City Council pledges to pay £150 to eligible households as soon as possible

With energy prices sky-rocketing from today – April 1, 2022 – households are being put under severe strain. It will mean less money in the pockets in all houses across Nottinghamshire and the UK as people try to pay their rising bills, so a £150 payment from the government will be welcome news to many.

The Ofgem energy price cap will increase from April 1 for approximately 22 million customers. Those on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see an increase of £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 per year (difference due to rounding).

Prepayment customers will face an increase of £708 from £1,309 to £2,017. On February 3, 2022, the Government announced a ‘£150 council tax energy rebate’ to help to mitigate the costs of rising energy bills to households in council tax bands A-D.

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Nottingham City Council has released some guidance on how people in Nottinghamshire will get the £150 mentioned by the government. “This is a Gov scheme administered by councils that allows eligible households to receive a one-off payment of £150 to ease the financial strain caused by factors such as the energy price cap rise which comes into effect today,” said a Nottingham City Council spokesperson.

“Households that currently pay their council tax by direct debit will see the rebate from April onwards. Households that don’t pay by direct debit are encouraged to sign up to pay their council tax this way, which they can do online here.

“We will be writing to those households that don’t pay by direct debit to explain what to do to get their payment. We would urge people not to call the council to chase their payment, as it will be made as soon as possible.”

The rebate will not be paid for second homes or empty properties. Households in England in Bands A-D that pay less than £150 or do not pay Council Tax as a result of Local Council Tax Support will also be eligible for a payment of £150.