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Nottingham dad, 32, thought he ‘was going to die’ when he was run over by driver during Palestinian protest

A dad thought he ‘was going to die’ when he got run over by a driver during a protest last year.

Veqas Iqbal, a pastoral worker at the Djanogly Academy in Nottingham, has spoken of the traumatising incident which left him with serious leg injuries.

He has opened up about the incident which happened during a protest against the treatment of Palestinian people on May 15 last year.

Hundreds gathered in the Old Market Square to take a stance against the killings in Palestine during its conflict with Israel.

The protesters descended on to the London Road in the afternoon where they held speeches before heading back to the city centre, Mr Iqbal recalled.

The 32-year-old added: “By that point there were significantly more people present – between four and five hundred people.

“We crossed the road onto London Road – the plan was to walk straight up on Hollowstone Road back into Hockley to Market Square.”

Mr Iqbal said he noticed that many protesters were still trying to walk across the road, so he ran over to help out and calm the traffic.

He added: “So I stood in front of the vehicle as there were children trying to cross.”

Mr Iqbal said he was gesturing to the driver with his hand to stop.

But he claimed the motorist revved into his leg about three times before “suddenly the vehicle took off onto Fisher Gate”.

“This led me to fall onto the bonnet as I was right in front of it – and it initially went quite slow and I thought the vehicle would come to a stop,” he added.

“I was shocked by this as I was clearly stuck on the bonnet as the vehicle travelled.

“As I was gesturing ‘stop’ to the driver I only had one hand holding the bonnet, I was terrified, scared; I tried to grip the bonnet with both hands.

“As the speed increased at this point I thought my life is over and I’m going to die, I lost my balance and fell off to my right.”

He said he fell at the junction with the traffic lights at the end of Fisher Gate – having travelled the length of that street on top of the car.

He said: “I lost consciousness as I hit the ground and the next thing I remember is somebody holding my pulse and a doctor putting me into the recovery position.”

Mr Iqbal was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with a “damaged ligament and tissue” on his left leg.

He added: “The injuries are ongoing but the hospital are waiting for another MRI because they may need to do another operation.

“I have been off work since last year and I only just returned to work at the beginning of last month.”

Police arrested a man on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous driving in connection with the incident.

However, officers concluded “there was insufficient evidence to support a successful prosecution”.

Mr Iqbal has voiced his anger, adding: “It just seems like everything got brushed under the carpet.

“I am getting counselling but I have never been through anything like that before.

“It is absolutely horrendous that as a victim of something this horrendous I am still dealing with the trauma.

“I have got one child and we are expecting the second one and I cannot even cater for myself.

“Sometimes I struggle to go to work and I am still on the morphine now.

“It has affected me both physically and mentally.”

Chief Superintendent Mat Healey, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was an extremely unfortunate incident that occurred when a group of people involved in a protest came into contact with busy Saturday afternoon traffic in the city centre.

“We arrested and interviewed the driver of the car involved shortly afterwards and conducted a full and thorough investigation into what happened.

“After speaking to numerous witnesses and reviewing all available footage of the incident we concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support a successful prosecution.

“This decision has been communicated to all parties involved.”

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