Nottingham teenager Khushi Kaur signs with London label and racks up 250,000 views online

A young singer from Nottingham has been signed to an independent London record label while still in school. At just 17-years-old, Khushi Kaur now has over 250,000 views on her debut single after it was posted online.

Despite the views and attention, Khushi is still studying for her A-Levels and takes time out to mentor younger students. Her passion and talent for Indian music have been recognised by the London label, The Hilltop Studios, who signed the young star.

Khushi said: “I started singing when I was 11-years-old, and I started doing religious things in the temple and then a lot of people would say to my mum had she considered music lessons. “I never used to think anything of it, I’d just think people were only saying those sorts of things.”

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The young star only put her videos online during lockdown before gaining a huge following. She also started singing lessons in a bid to perfect her vocals.

“But I started singing lessons anyway and after that, I very slowly started putting videos up on YouTube and then lockdown happened and that was a really good period of time so I could start posting on Instagram and I got noticed a lot more from that. She revealed that she felt a bit hesitant when the record company approached her initially but she decided to go for it.

“After that, I got approached by a record company and they asked me what I thought about working with them. At first, I was quite hesitant and wondered if it was the right opportunity considering that year I was going to start my A levels and was it the right thing to do?”

She added: “I spoke to my mum about it and she said why don’t I just go for it because opportunities like that don’t always come someone’s way and I may end up regretting it if I didn’t go for it. So I went for it and it was the best decision that I made.”

Her first single was released in December of last year and she said the journey has been amazing. She still has to balance her schooling and credits her teachers with encouraging her to follow her dreams.

Khushi said: “I’ve learned so many things and last year in December my first single came out so it’s been amazing. Singing is such a big part of my life and obviously, I have school and everything but as soon as I get time I have to balance 50 percent of my time to school and also to music as well.”

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“It’s a bit like sport really, you have to train your vocal cords but it does take up quite a lot of time but I don’t mind as it’s something I really enjoy. I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for my teachers at school and the ones in the sixth form and for my family as they all constantly believe in me and give me that motivation in the morning and always show an interest in my music.”

“That support is so important and it’s lovely to know I have got them there to see me succeed as well,” she said.

Khushi attends Nottingham Academy and her teacher, Katie Beldham, a progress leader at the school explained how her singing and music career never impacts her studies. She also explained that Khusi takes time out of her schedule to help mentor younger children.

She said: “Khushi was nominated because she is such a fantastic performer, very creative and also incredibly talented.“Not only that but she is also a brilliant all-around student and her future is going to be so bright and we really want to celebrate that.”

“The team and I are so proud of her and she is just talent beyond talent that we have in our sixth form. It is so brilliant to have such an all-around brilliant academic student and to see how hard she works in the classroom is just incredible. She puts so much time into her music and is still so successful in our sixth form is amazing.”

“It is so important in an area like this that students get celebrated for their successes because often students from the inner city of Nottinghamshire won’t be recognised for the positive things that they have done. She is definitely going places and it’s so exciting to see, her future is going to be bright whatever she ends up doing, she’s going to be fantastic,” she said.

Khushi has also been given an award for her talents and passion for Indian music by Nottinghamshire Police. She was selected as the Young Performer of the Year award as part of the Live Our Best Life Awards.

The awards are part of the Stephen Lawrence Day celebrations that recognise talent, achievements and inspirational people across the city.