Primark customers question retailer’s decision not to sell online after website relaunch

Loyal Primark customers were left puzzled at the retail giant’s decision to launch a website that does not allow online purchases. Most clothing brands would offer a platform where buyers can go to pick their desired items and have them delivered to their home.

However, the Primark website comes with a twist. The retail giant has launched its brand new website which allows customers to browse thousands of items and check availability before heading to a physical store.

The value fashion retailer has promised online shoppers its biggest ever range to browse from home, with products including clothes, homeware and beauty products. The store previously offered a limited range of stock online and famously does not offer customers online orders or home delivery.

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However the updated website features a resource allowing prospective buyers to check whether a certain item is available in their size at their nearest store. However, some customers are not convinced by the utility of a website that does not offer online buying and shipping.

Lou Ali said on Twitter: “This is great PR, but still, why wouldn’t they just sell online? Honestly, who has time to browse online for a fast fashion purchase you have to make in store? I would do this for say a sofa or something £££ that I want to touch before I buy, but maybe I’m overthinking this.”

She added: “I’m just coming from the (niche) perspective of a busy mum that doesn’t often get time to get into shops and also wishes I could get Primark online”. However, another user Carrie Rose tweeted back and said: “I read up on this and I think it’s the low cost of products, return rate makes it super inefficient and not profitable to sell online. But users want a way to see what’s in stock, latest trends etc.”

Oluwatobiloba added on Twitter: “Hate that Primark doesn’t deliver to be honest. Can they please look into doing online shopping?”. At which Bolanle replied: “it’s a strategic business model baby”. La Verdad has left a comment when Nottinghamshire Live broke the news and said: “Great but we need the store collection/home delivery options to be available”.

Rachel Pugh however, had a different opinion. She went on and tweeted: “Hallelujah! Never have to brave Primark on Market St again just to see if they have stuff in stock. Been browsing the homeware section all morning.”