Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he has ‘paid the fine’ and apologises for lockdown breach

The Prime Minister says he offers a “full apology” for attending a party which breached lockdown rules. The incident happened in June 2020 at Downing Street and has also resulted in his wife and the chancellor being fined too.

Number 10 confirmed the £100 fine, which is halved to £50 if paid within 14 days, was given to Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie and chancellor Rishi Sunak for a party in the Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020. The Met Police says 50 fines have now been handed out relating to incidents in Downing Street and Whitehall.

Nottinghamshire MPs have condemned their actions and called for resignations. One Tory MP, Darren Henry for Broxtowe, said he had expected a full apology.

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According to the Mirror Mr Johnson said: “I have paid the fine and I once again offer a full apology.

“In a spirit of openness and humility I want to be completely clear about what happened on that day.”

He described it as a “brief gathering in the Cabinet Room shortly after 2pm lasting less than 10 minutes” and it didn’t occur to him that it was a breach of the rules. “I accept in all sincerity that people had a right to expect better,” he added.

He did not say if he, or the chancellor, would be resigning. It comes as Mr Sunak is enveloped in controversy over his and his wife’s financial affairs.