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Rats and rubbish – residents speak out about the state of Lenton’s streets

Residents in the Lenton area have raised concerns about the state of the streets and the infestation of rats caused by piles of rubbish.

Holly Collins, 20, and a resident of Kimbolton Avenue, explained how she has only lived here for three weeks but has had to call pest control three times.

The student said: “It is grim around here, there are rats everywhere.

“The pest control has really helped, but we see rats jumping in and out of bins.

“We’ve also got flies from all the rubbish, as a six person household our bins fill up really quickly.

“They only pick up one bin a week, there isn’t enough space.”

Miss Collins thinks the reason for the trash on the street is because of students.

She added: “We are so used to parents dealing with bins, it is tricky.

“Parties as well, people are sick outside which attracts the rats.

“People drop cans and throw beer cans over into our garden.”

Trash outside a Kimbolton Avenue house.

Brett Thompson, 20, student, living on Derby Road, agrees that the rats are a huge issue.

He said: “There are a lot of rats, we see dead ones on the street.

“They’re always rummaging through the bags.

“There is a lot of rubbish everywhere, people used our bins before we moved in and they were full.”

He continued to explain that sometimes his household’s bins aren’t collected, which adds to the problem.

He said: “I think it is a combination of students and collection, sometimes they don’t take it so our bins are overflowing.

“We are just waiting now.

“It is a big household so we use up the bin space really quickly.”

Megan Welgemoed, 19, student, who lives on Kimbolton Avenue, thinks her street is the worst.

She said: “This street is dirty, we’ve got a load of rats.

“You see them scurrying around all the way down the road.

“I’ve only lived here for a few weeks but it is the whole street that has trash everywhere.

“I’ve had no issue with collection, but I think students probably contribute to the problem.”

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said: “We have a dedicated team who are out each week investigating waste & other issues at private rented properties.

“Where they find excess waste, they contact the licence holder and they have 7 days to sort the issue, if not we can then consider further actions, including a Civil Penalty.

“There are a large number of rented properties in the city and we will continue to carry out compliance checks on these and we also check waste facilities at properties.

“However, tenants also need to take responsibility with their waste, if you find you are overfilling your bins each week, contact your landlords directly and ask them to provide another bin.

“If you get rid of larger items, like a mattress, then look to see if the council’s Bulky Waste service can take away your rubbish. Do not leave it dumped on streets or in front gardens.”

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