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Readers’ top tips to save money on their energy bills as prices rise

News of increasing energy costs have caused major concern across the country, and Derbyshire is no exception.

With prices rising at rapid rates, many of us are looking for ways we can reduce the amount we’re turning up the heating and switching on the lights.

We asked our readers on our Derbyshire Live Facebook page: “Do you have any tips for reducing household energy bills?” And many of you had a lot to say on the topic.

While some shared little bits of advice, others used the opportunity to question recent government policy, but one thing is unanimously clear – its a topic that gets a lot of people talking.

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Whether you’re into adding an extra layer of clothing or monitoring your thermostat, these responses will help save you some cash, and put a smile on your face too.

Some users took to the comments section to suggest house renovations that will help your home retain some heat during the colder months.

One person wrote: “First, draught proof. Second, insulate underfloor and in the loft.

“Third, at dusk close the curtains and make sure they contact the wall and floor or ceiling to stop air currents, and make sure they do not hide radiators, you want the heat inside the curtains.

“Blinds behind curtains help a lot.

“If you have suspended floors, it is worth covering the gaps between the boards.

“You still need some fresh air, particularly for any open fire or some types of boiler.”

But its perhaps worth keeping in mind that home improvements can be costly and time-consuming, so those looking for a faster fix can try just working with what they have.

A couple of commenters suggested putting the heating on for 30 minutes and closing all the doors in the house, to help trap heat in each room.

But there was some disagreement over the best way to handle the thermostat.

While some suggested keeping it at fixed temperature, claiming that it’s cheaper than constantly re-heating your home from scratch, others called it a myth.

Others suggested just adding another layer.

Another person suggested making an event of it, writing: “Pop down to Primark get your family some fleecy onesies/pjs, and socks, be warm and cosy in the evening without the heating on.”

Another reader made a bold claim, but it seems certainly worth trying out. They wrote: “We haven’t had our central heating on for the past two years.

“The best investment I got was heated throws. They were expensive they are the thick fluffy ones.

“I have one in the lounge and one in my bedroom. I am always nice and toasty.

“They have paid for themselves in the first year.”

Some expressed their frustrations with both the government and energy companies.

This person had a different suggestion though.

They commented: “Heating off. Wrap up warm with gloves and scarf. Turn the volume down on the TV.

“Charge your mobile at someone else’s house or in the pub.”

It’s certainly one way to go about cutting down your bills.

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