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Relief as ‘ugly’ building set for a new beginning in Beeston

The transformation of a site in Beeston that many label ‘ugly’ has been met with a mainly positive reaction.

On February 2, approval was given for 84 student flats to be built on Broadgate House, Beeston.

The accommodation block will be 17 cluster blocks along with nine studio flats – and also there’s plans to add a fourth floor to the building.

Off-street parking and cycle storage will also be provided.

Residents on Humber Road, which meets Broadgate where the accommodation will be built, told Nottinghamshire Live their mixed opinions about the plans being approved.

Resident Joe Cairns, 21, a student at University of Nottingham said he thinks that that the area is ideal.

Mr Cairns said: “It will be easier for students who aren’t prepared to go into the next school year.

“I guess the ease of accommodation will be nice.

“It’s not going to be great having it right there.

“In many ways you do still have Broadgate Park right there so you do have other positive aspects of the area still.

“We have lots of students that live in Dunkirk and Lenton and I definitely think that Beeston is the nicest.

“If you’re doing humanities then being this side of campus is it a lot easier.

“The park is just there, Tesco’s and there’s also the new cinema.”

Broadgate House, Beeston
Broadgate House, Beeston

Another resident, Ian Glover, 49, an engineer, told Nottinghamshire Live that he doesn’t have a problem with it and the students are what keep Beeston lively.

Mr Glover said: “I’m not too bothered to be honest – I don’t think the students cause much problem around here.

“Yes it’s a good location – that building is ugly it’s been hardly used for a long time.

“There are parking issues with the people that are there but I don’t know if the students will increase it or reduce it.

“As long as it is refurbished nicely I don’t have much of a problem.

“The main problem I have about the students around here isn’t the students, it’s the fact that a lot of the properties are in poor order because the landlords maintain them poorly.

“What people need to understand is that this town is lively and nice because of the young people in it and they’re students.”

Trish Jacobs, 71, retired says she doesn’t agree with the plans.

She said: “My view is that if they’re just going to turn it into student accommodation and leave it alone, maybe it will be alright.

“But there’s limited parking.

“I’m not saying the students are annoying because I don’t think they are.

“But I think that we’ve got enough student accommodation.

“So no, we’re not happy about it.”

Locals previously told Nottinghamshire Live that they welcomed the plans when the application was submitted.

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