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Residents angry over Gedling council’s handling of new children’s care home

Residents have raised concerns about the council’s handling of a new children’s care home, saying they haven’t been listened to.

A new children’s care home in Mapperley has been met with heavy objection over issues with parking and increase traffic, a possible rise in anti-social behaviour and negative community cohesion.

Neighbouring residents have been consulted with 45 representations having been received, 43 of which raised objections.

A petition has also been submitted to the Council raising objections to the proposal with 71 signatures.

Lucy Clarke, 39, a civil servant who lives near the home, explains the impact it will have on the community.

She said: “Some residents haven’t been informed, only three residents received a letter about it.

“One of our main issues is the parking, it is a very narrow street and where the house is placed, it raises issues.

“It will affect some residents as it is there access point in and out of the estate.

“There are massive concerns about these people who will be working shifts, so it’ll cause a disturbance.”

Miss Clarke explained how MP Mark Spencer requested an extension for objections which should have been until September 17.

On the application, it states the period ended 13 September, meaning many residents were unable to raise their concerns.

She added: “I know myself I didn’t put my objection in until September 15.

“We haven’t been taken seriously.

“How can they base a decision on something when the community hasn’t been heard, it doesn’t make any sense.

“It has caused tension in the community, everybody is so angry.”

The plans state that an additional car space will be created and two parking spaces are on the home’s drive.

Sarah Mitchell, 31, sales manager, is concerned about the lack of parking spaces and the increase traffic flow the home will bring.

She said: “We’ve got nothing against the principle of the children’s home, it is the location that we don’t think is suitable.

“Parking and increase traffic movement are my main concerns, I don’t think the application’s new parking spaces will be enough.

“We are quite worried about what it is going to be like when it opens.

“The council haven’t respected the extension, it is disappointing.

“We asked for the deadline as we felt not enough people were made aware or had enough time to place comments.

“We made sure the objections were strong, valid points.

“It feels like we haven’t had a proper opportunity to voice our concerns.”

A Gedling Borough Council spokesperson said: “The decision to approve that application was made following a consultation period and we are satisfied that all comments were fully considered before the decision was made.

“We received a number of comments on the application and they were all considered by the planning panel before the decision was made and this is reflected in the published decision report.

“The application was approved as it complied with the council’s planning policies including the requirements for the provision of car parking spaces and the Highway Authority had no objections with the applicant’s proposals.”

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