‘Ridiculous’ that Nottingham is not rated in top 50 places to drink in UK

There is outrage Nottingham has not been rated in the top 50 best places to drink in the UK, according to new data published. Get Licensed, which runs SIA and security training courses, has analysed data and put together an index of the best places to go.

It has taken into account population, bars, clubs and pubs per 100,000 people and the average price of a pint. But Nottingham has not even made the list.

Blackpool has been ranked as the best, with Bolton in 2nd and Plymouth a distant 3rd. Other locations in the top 50 include Stoke-on-Trent, Swindon and Luton.

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And local beer experts are baffled that Nottingham has not even made the list. They’ve said it should be in the top 10 as a minimum.

Steve Westby, chairman of Nottingham Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) said: “That’s ridiculous, Nottingham usually comes out well. The city has such a fantastic range of pubs and bars, and there is so much variety on offer, how on earth do you make any sense of that?

“There are so many local breweries that have a lot of beers, and Nottingham is highly regarded nationally and is highly respected. It’s difficult to find something to criticise, and it’s regarded by beer drinkers in the top 10 places they would visit.

“Nottingham is also traditionally towards the lower of middle end of pricing, compared to places down south, and another factor that stands out is the number of good micropubs. There really is good variety out there, there’s something for everyone.”

Colin Wilde, managing director of Castle Rock Brewery
Colin Wilde, managing director of Castle Rock Brewery

Colin Wilde, managing director of Castle Rock Brewery, agrees. He thinks infrastructure as well as the beers on offer is what should put Nottingham on the list.

Colin said: “For me, I go around different cities as part of my job, and from what I see Nottingham has among the highest quality that isn’t surpassed. And people love coming into Nottingham, especially with the accessibility of transport links, such as the train and tram.

“We’ve got a historic pub network of very cosy pubs that are hundreds of years old that are worth checking out. But the quality of beer stands out, I’m biased but brewers within a 30 mile radius, such as Black Iris, Neon Raptor Blue Monkey and Nottingham Brewery are brewing exceptional beers.

“To not be in the top 50 is just staggering.”