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See how Derby has dramatically changed since the 80s and 90s

Do you remember how Derby looked in the 80s and 90s?

To many of us it doesn’t seem that long ago really, but one look at these photographs and you can clearly see how much our city has changed over the years.

This is perhaps best summed up by our images of a mid-renovation Guildhall, as it shows the road system in 1989 before the pedestrianisation we know today.

Elsewhere in this collection we have the Shoe Factory Shop, in Traffic Street, an 80s view of the Duckworth Square precinct, and the Scoop Discount store in the main shopping centre before it was demolished to make way for the Intu shopping complex, which later became Derbion.

We also have images of the Skopas Mill Shop in Sadler Gate, jewellers H Samuels in Albert Street and the Sandhu Brothers supermarket.

Hopefully these will bring back some great memories for you!

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