Strap in for a helicopter flight over Derby

Clamber aboard, strap yourselves in and let’s take a stunning helicopter flight over Derby. Hopefully you have a head for heights, as we’ll be soaring very high at some points to get you the best view possible.

To kick things off we have two wonderful photographs of Pride Park Stadium, the home of Derby County Football Club since 1997. The Rams of course moved there after spending 102 years at the hallowed Baseball Ground.

Further into our journey there’s a spectacular view south-west of Derby City Centre, showing off the River Derwent, St Alkmund’s Way, Darwin Place and Derwent Street. Why not see how many other streets and landmarks you can spot?

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There’s also a great view of Derby Airfield, located on the northern bank of Hilton Brook, seven miles south-west of our city centre. Elsewhere we turn back the clock a little to hover over the city centre in 2008, and also take in the Toyota manufacturing plant at Burnaston, as well as a south-east flypast of the Rolls Royce site at Raynesway.

There’s plenty more to see, so what are we waiting for? Fasten that seatbelt and let’s go flying…

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