The new Derby city centre beauty salon promising a luxury London vibe

It’s no secret in the beauty industry that brows frame the face. In fact, some spend hundreds of pounds every year perfecting the perfect arch. Eyebrow care, like most beauty treatments, has seen a variety of trends, from pencil-thin brows in the 1990s, to the dip brow pomades in the mid-2010s, to natural and fuller brows in 2020.

Brows can make or break a look, and nobody knows it better than Toni McEvoy, the founder of one of Derby’s most well-known beauty businesses, The Brow Edit. The mum-of-two has spent the past 12 years working in the beauty industry, but it was only in 2019 that she decided to dedicate herself to helping people achieve their perfect brows.

In fact, The Brow Edit has achieved so much success in the last two years that Toni has been able to move the salon from her outhouse in Borrowash to one of Derby city centre’s most prestigious streets. The stretch, first recorded as Sadler Gate in the 1200s, is home to some of the highest rates in the city, as well as some of its most traditional and historic buildings.

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The 28-year-old believes that the elegant feel of the street complements the luxury nature of the brand she has worked to create. The young entrepreneur wants to bring a London vibe to the city.

“I spent a good 15 months searching for a salon and nothing ever came right until I found this one on Sadler Gate just before the New Year. I literally viewed the property for 30 seconds and turned to the landlord and said ‘get me the paperwork’.

“I just think it’s a really nice street. There’s so much history, it’s not modernised. It’s in a league of its own for Derby, it’s just gorgeous.

“My branding is very traditional, it’s ivory and gold, so very classy and simple, and I really wanted a building that suited my branding. I come from a business family background and I’ve always been told that wherever you put your stamp on your first property, it will set the bar for anything going forward,” she said.

Toni believes that what makes The Brow Edit unique is that each worker specialises in only one treatment. The salon will have an aesthetics practitioner, a semi-permanent makeup specialist, a skincare specialist, a medical-grade pedicurist and a make-up artist, as well as Toni.

Toni believes her work ethic is a big part of what makes her business different. She added: “From my perspective, I am very picky…I want everything perfect…I believe if you’re paying me for treatment, it should be the best of the best.

“You should be a specialist in your field. So I never stopped learning. I never stop going on courses and I stay up to one in the morning researching everything.”

Since starting her new venture, the entrepreneur has served more than 430 girls who come from across the UK to get their brows done. In fact, two of Toni’s clients travel to the salon from Devon and Wales every four weeks for treatment.

Toni decided she would launch The Brow Edit in March 2020, just weeks before lockdown. She had been working as a freelance make-up artist until the birth of her second daughter in 2019, but she always knew that brows were her true passion.

Toni said: “I just decided I was going to scrap literally everything that I do. I took a massive gamble and refunded everyone that I had booked in my diary.

“I’d just had my second daughter and I’d had a really horrible pregnancy and birth. She was born prematurely and I was sat in intensive care with her and I just thought, ‘I can’t be doing this anymore, I need to be at home with the family’.”

“I wanted to just completely change my career path because my head just wasn’t in that anymore. I was already brow trained but I decided to go on some advanced courses and put it out there that I was going to be starting a new thing called The Brow Edit, and within 10 weeks my diary had to close because I was fully booked.”

Like many businesses, The Brow Edit was impacted by ever-changing restrictions and lockdowns over the past two years. Every time restrictions allowed, Toni would take in clients in her outhouse and home and work 13 hour days for at least five days a week.

Speaking on how she found launching a new business right before lockdown, the mum-of-two said: “I just sat and thought ‘oh my goodness I’ve done the worse thing of my life’. I thought ‘I’ve just phased out a job that was up and running and successful, and I’ve just taken a massive gamble and I’ve now got an extra child’.”

The salon’s soft opening will be on Friday, April 1. It will then later be officially opened by the Mayor of Derby, who will cut the ribbon on April 22. In the future, Toni hopes to be able to franchise The Brow Edit and train other girls to deliver a high quality yet relaxed approach to beauty treatments.

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