The Wanted star Jay McGuiness pays tribute to ‘fearless’ Tom Parker following his death

The Wanted and Strictly Come Dancing star Jay McGuiness has paid a heartfelt tribute to his former bandmate Tom Parker, who died from a brain tumour. McGuiness, who is originally from Newark, described his friend as ‘fearless’ and ‘loved’ in an Instagram post sent out to his thousands of followers.

Parker announced in October 2020 that he had been diagnosed with an inoperable Grade 4 tumour and that he had suffered seizures ahead of the diagnosis. Despite this he continued to take part in performances and held a charity concert last September in aid of Stand Up to Cancer.

His wife Kelsey Hardwick announced he had died on March 30. in an Instagram post following his friend’s death, McGuiness, who won series 13 of Strictly Come Dancing, said: “Tom, I miss you so much. I don’t know where you are now, but I am so honoured we got to spend time together on earth. An honour.

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“I keep reminding myself to be grateful for that time, and I really really am. I am. You knew how to live life, fearlessly and with heart,” he continued.

“You were so reassuring to be around. What a man. I can’t believe that it’s all memories now, every single memory now is priceless.

“Life is a gift and you made use of yours in the most powerful ways, you made your dreams come true, you found the love of your life, you brought two beautiful humans down to earth, you sang so so powerfully and beautifully and that will never die. Everyone remembers the day they met you.

“You didn’t slip into anyone’s life quietly, you hit them like a ton of bricks and looked them square in the eyes. “You talked to absolutely everyone as if they were no more and no less than you.

“What a man. You really took your place in the world and you are so loved. I just wish you had more time, that’s selfish. You did amazing things. I just miss you.

“Thank you for always being there for me, without fail, always turning up, always looking out, always setting me straight lol. Ok enough. Give ‘em Hell. I love you forever. from JayBird.”