Washing machine drawer hack leaves it looking sparklingly clean

A hidden feature found in washing machine drawers has stunned cleaning fans across the country, including one woman who has now shared the trick. Faith, a house-proud mum, did not previously know washing machine drawers could be removed and cleaned separately.

After discovering that the drawer had a “little piece to push down”, she was able to see how dirty it had become, the Mirror reports. But with a simple combination of warm water, washing up liquid, a toothbrush and a cloth, as well as “a lot of scrubbing”, she had it looking as good as a new.

After sharing her discovery on Facebook, several others were bowled over by the little-known cleaning hack. It was shared in a group called Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

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One astounded woman wrote: “They say you learn something every day. Well, today I learned this, thank you.”

Before and after photos, pictured, show just how much grime can be removed.
Before and after photos show just how much grime can be removed.

Another said: “I did not know of this trickery either!”

If you can’t seem to get the drawer out, don’t worry – members of the group were quick to offer advice, which is to press down in the middle of the drawer where fabric softener is poured, and give it a gentle pull.