Watch young teen Mercedes joyriders chased by Derbyshire Traffic Cops

A high-speed chase involving Derbyshire police and a gang of teenage joyriders features in the latest episode of the popular TV programme Traffic Cops. The show, which airs on Channel 5 weekly on Monday nights at 8pm, shows members of Derbyshire police’s Road Crime Team as they attempt to stop criminals from using the county’s roads to conduct their illegal business.

This can include gangs transporting drugs across county lines, human trafficking and catching those who steal cars and attempt to sell them on. The team are also tasked with attempting to rid the roads of drunk or drugged drivers and those who steal cars just for the fun of the chase.

It is the final group of criminals the programme focuses on in one segment with a gang of teenage joyriders stealing a large Mercedes car. The gang, one of whom turns out to be just 15-years-old, take the pursuing police cars on a chase through the streets of the county before turning right onto Carter Lane West in South Normanton, near Alfreton.

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At the dead-end, the three members of the gang fled on foot heading towards a footbridge over the M1 motorway chased on foot by members of Derbyshire police. You can find out what happened to the teenagers on Traffic Cops on Channel 5 on Monday, April 4, at 8pm.