We compare Pak Foods and Sharif and Sons supermarkets in Derby

Situated only a few hundred metres apart are two of the largest independent supermarkets in Derby. Pak Foods, in Normanton Road, and Sharif and Sons, in Pear Tree Road, are staples of the Normanton high street.

People come from miles around just to stock up on the finest foods from around the world, from fruits and vegetables to sauces and spices. However, which one is the best bang for its buck and which one offers the best shopping experience?

We popped into both with a list of more than a dozen food items to see how the prices at Pak Foods compared to Sharif and Sons and whether or not you could be missing out on a bargain.

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It’s also worth knowing that for more exotic items, our Normanton Road stores can be much cheaper than the major supermarkets. All prices were correct at the time of publication.


We looked at both oranges and bananas for this test. Both supermarkets had deals when it came to oranges, with Pak Foods offering four large oranges for £1 and Sharif and Sons offering three large oranges for £1.20.

However, for one orange Sharif and Sons was the cheaper of the two charging 45p an orange compared to 49p at Paks Foods. Per kilogram (kg), Pak Foods offered better value than Sharif and Sons when it came to bananas costing £1.30 compared to £1.49.

Winner: Pak Foods


We looked at onions, potatoes and garlic for this area. Sharif and Sons offers best value for onions and potatoes with a kilo of both putting you back just 69p each compared to 89p per kilo at Pak Foods. However, when it comes to a kilo of garlic, you could save almost 40p by shopping at Pak Foods who are currently charging £3.50 compared to £3.89 at Sharif and Sons.

The spices aisle in Pak Foods
The spices aisle in Pak Foods

Winner: Sharif and Sons


In store butchers in supermarkets are a rare thing in today’s day and age but not in Pak Foods and Sharif and Sons. All meat in both supermarkets is Halal and beautifully butchered.

We looked at a kg of chicken and a kg of beef to see which supermarket was offering the best price. Amazingly, both supermarkets were price matched charging £8.99 per kg of beef and £5.99 per kg of chicken.

Winner: Draw

Herbs and Spices

One of the unique selling points of Pak Foods and Sharif and Sons is their huge selection of spices that put other supermarkets in the city to shame. Not to mention, you can get some amazing value and buy in bulk.

At both Pak Foods and Sharif and Sons, a 5kg bag of chilli powder will set you back £20.99. Ground coriander is £14.99 for 5kg meanwhile Sharif and Sons charges £15.49.

The massive selection of sauces and condiments at Sharif and Sons
The massive selection of sauces and condiments at Sharif and Sons

A kilo of ginger will set you back £2.84 at Pak Foods but at £2.49 at Sharif and Sons. A bunch of fresh coriander costs 69p a bunch at Pak Foods and is 10p cheaper at Sharif and Sons. All in all, when it comes to herbs and spices, the prices of all the items at Pak Foods and Sharif and Sons balance each other out.

Winner: Draw

Food cupboard

The cheapest bag 10kg bag of rice we could find in Pak Foods was £10.99, in Sharif and Sons, we could only find a 10kg bag for £13.49. In both Pak Foods and Sharif and Sons a can of coconut milk will set you back 69p.

The cheapest tin of chopped tomatoes is 20p cheaper at Sharif and Sons compared to Pak Foods where a can goes for 69p. A tin of baked beans costs 59p in Pak Foods compared too 50p in Sharif and Sons.

Winner: Pak Foods

The verdict

All prices considered, Pak Foods came out on top as the cheapest of the two with a total bill of £74.28. Sharif and Sons’ total on the other hand comes to £76.87. That being said, Sharif and Sons was cheaper when it came to vegetables so it could be worth a visit to both to make the most of the savings on offer.

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