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What it’s really like owning your own private beach in Ingoldmells

It’s not often you’ll meet someone who says they own a private beach – but 57-year-old Simon Adderley is one of those rare few.

Mr Adderley has owned a stretch of beach in Ingoldmells, just north of Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast, for around 15 years now.

But now he is selling the land for almost £50,000.

Around 750 people have enquired about it with 250 of them being “serious buyers”, including the National Trust – but Simon says he will only sell to someone interested in preserving its nature, Lincolnshire Live reports.

Simon’s experience of owning a beach has been mostly positive.

“The most pleasurable part was getting up the beach before anyone else. We saw deer, rabbits and foxes on the beach. The feeling is is a real privilege. It is so special.”

He also said that seeing porpoises and seals were a common occurrence.

A stretch of beach in Ingoldmells is up for sale for almost £50,000
A stretch of beach in Ingoldmells is up for sale for almost £50,000

“We saw the sand dunes develop,” he said. “We saw a whole ecosystem reclaiming the land from the sea. It is fascinating.

“It is not like owning anything else.

“It is good for the soul.”

In order to decide who he will sell to, he needs to know what potential buyers intentions are.

“I have had serious interest, so I am going to shortlist people who want to own it for the right reasons.

“I had about 750 messages and about 250 serious buyers. I have now got to whittle it down to three people.”

There is going to be a chance for interested buyers to take a tour of the beach, where they will be told information and can ask questions.

It is at 1pm on Sunday, February 13, starting at the Bell Inn in Ingoldmells.

One person interested in buying has essentially told Simon to name as high of a price as he likes.

Simon said: “Someone came to me with an open chequebook because they really wanted to buy it”.

But he added he won’t sell it for more money if the person is not buying the beach for the “right reasons”.

He says it should be someone who has an interest in preserving and enjoying nature, not someone who is looking for a business venture.

Anyone interested in buying the beach should email

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