Why trentbarton are not using new Nottingham contactless payment

Nottingham has announced the rollout of the first Oyster-style contactless ticketing system in the country outside of London. The ground-breaking change is now in operation from Monday, April 11.

Yet not every bus operator in the city will be providing the new contactless system. Trentbarton buses are not included in the scheme as they are a separate private company.

However, the system could be rolled out across trentbarton buses in the future, officials involved in the new system have said. The new Nottingham Contactless multi-operator Tap & Go option – available across Nottingham City Transport buses, NET trams and Linkbuses is operated by CT4N.

It allows people to tap on with contactless bank cards or phones throughout the day and pay one daily charge capped at the best fare for their travel, regardless of which of the three operators they use or however many journeys they make on the day. Passengers can still pay for single fares in the contactless method.

But if they make multiple journeys across NCT, NET and Linkbuses, they will be charged £5.60 for the day capped fare. Contactless payments can be made on all NCT buses, NET trams and the Linkbus network operated by CT4N.

But, for now, that will not include trentbarton buses.