Woman dumps boyfriend after his mum paid for family to fly first class – but not her

A woman dumped her boyfriend after his mum paid for the family to fly first class on a holiday – but left her to fly on her own in coach. The mother had taken a disliking to her before the trip, and wasn’t afraid to make her feelings known ahead of the flight to Cabo, Mexico.

The mother, whose name is Becky, would often make “snide remarks” about her parents’ blue-collar jobs, and would also speak disparagingly about her nursing career, according to the fed-up woman. Things finally came to a head in a dramatic fashion at the airport, when it emerged that Becky had purchased first-class plane tickets for seven other people while leaving the son’s girlfriend to fly in economy class.

Taking to Reddit, the humiliated girlfriend claimed: “She told me I was used to it and she had a free coach ticket so I should be grateful for going. They all did their express check-ins and left me in the long line for me to think about what the heck is going on.

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“I had to keep from crying the whole time in line. I got up to the counter and there was a baggage fee for me. My boyfriend at the time never once helped me through the coach line or said anything to his mom”.

The poster – who goes by the apt username u/NoTGoingThank – continued: “I looked over at his mum’s smug face as I was about to pay the checked baggage fee. And I let all of my frustrations out on the attendant and started crying.

“Basically, she said, ‘don’t go with that family sweetie, they don’t appreciate you’. I continued to cry and took my luggage and got out and got out of line with the super sweet check-in woman.

“I was so upset about how I’d been treated and started crying to my boyfriend in the airport about how his mother was treating me.” She decided to break up with him there and then, and made sure to tell his embarrassed mum “what a ***** she was” before heading home.

Ever since then, her ex has been ringing her asking why she did that to his mum, telling her she’d “wasted everyone’s time and money” by backing out of the holiday so last minute. The poster is now worried that she might have been too “sensitive” about the situation, but many of her fellow Reddit users completely understand why she reacted in the way that she did.

One person wrote: “The check-in lady was correct. If you would have gotten on the plane, you would have been treated like this for the entire vacation. It was absolutely the right decision to stand up for yourself.

“As far as wasting money, she said the ticket was free and I’m sure she didn’t spend much on your hotel accommodations. As far as wasting time, you wasted enough of your own time on a relationship with your boyfriend if he isn’t going to stand up for you.

“They are going to say that you should be happy for any kind of vacation and not look down on a coach ticket, but his mother was being pointedly rude to you.” Another said: “The fact that boyfriend didn’t even speak up once in your favour shows that he’s so deep in mummy’s back pocket that he’s either wilfully or unknowingly refusing to recognise her appalling behaviour and that’s a major red flag as well.

“As in run for the hills red flag. You’re on the ground right now, but in the future, you’re free to soar and find someone far better than a spineless mummy’s boy and his garbage family.”