£165,000 Sleaford Handley Monument works delayed as council lacks ‘necessary permit’

Refurbishment works on a historic Lincolnshire town monument have been delayed due to the council lacking the necessary permit. The £165,000 plans to enhance Sleaford‘s Handley Monument were unveiled in November 2023.

Work will include up-lighting the 20m monument with low-energy LED lighting, putting up an information board dedicated to its subject, Henry Handley, and installing new planters and fresh paving. The first phase of work, installing the up-lighting, was due to begin on Monday, June 3.

However, North Kesteven District Council has delayed the works. A council spokesperson said: “The first phase of works – to install up-lighting at the monument – were due to start from Monday, June 3 however there is a small delay now while a further necessary permit is acquired.

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“The aim is still to have contractors onsite imminently, once this has been done and a revised start is agreed.” The council could not yet confirm when the works will begin.

The up-lighting for the monument will be installed by contractor Lindum Group and areas around the monument will be fenced off during the work., which is expected to last one week. The monument was built in 1852, 172 years ago, to commemorate the life of former Lincolnshire MP Henry Handley.

He was a prominent figure in agriculture at the time and strongly advocated for the use of steam power. After his death in 1846, more than £940 was raised by the public towards erecting a monument in his name.

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