Famous disabled dog Pumpkin is given ‘life-saving’ surgery after hernia ‘busts’

A disabled ‘hero’ dog from Lincoln has been left fighting for her life tonight (Friday, June 7) after a hernia had ‘burst.’ Distraught owner Tammy Fox had to rush her beloved pet Pumpkin to the vets where emergency surgery ‘saved her life.’

Pumpkin is a disabled west highland terrier. She was adopted by Tammy at eight weeks old from a Lincolnshire-based rescue in 2021. Pumpkin has become the face of Pumpkin & Friends, a charity set up by Ms Fox to offer support to other disabled dogs through guidance and fundraising.

Since then Pumpkin and Tammy have built up a loyal following, particularly online. Their dedicated Instagram account has over 64,000 followers.

Messages of support started flooding in tonight for Pumpkin after a distraught Tammy shared the news that her dog had become extremely ill.

In an earlier Instagram post, Tammy wrote: “We are on our way to the vets with Pumpkin…. her umbilical cord hernia has burst, she’s crying in pain … please send lots of positive thoughts.” And then a following post shorting after added: “It’s not good news. The scan shows that the intestine is damaged and Pumpkin needs emergency surgery. There isn’t time to get her to a specialist. The vet is carrying out surgery in the next 10 minutes.”

But thankfully, a few hours later, Pumpkin had surgery and is appearing to be recovering well. In Tammie’s most recent post, she shares: “Pumpkin is out of surgery and she’s awake. The surgery went well. The vet has literally just saved her life. Her intestine had ruptured through her belly button hernia. The surgeon has removed the bad part of the intestine and stitched it together.

“She’s been closely monitored and is having strong pain relief. Pumpkin will be out of action for a few weeks…. lots of rest, cuddles and kisses. We need to work out how to express her bladder without hurting her or causing damage to her tummy. She will be on antibiotics for a few weeks to keep any nasty utis and bacteria away.

“We are extremely grateful to the amazing vets @linc vets Friars Lane. Thank you.”

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